Broad Winged Hawk

Published in 2007

Broad Winged Hawk is a collection of Albert’s poetry on the wide range of joys and challenges we navigate on our Life’s Journey. Love, the seasons, trauma, healing, our relationship with Nature, are all found within these pages. Below is a poem to honour a traditional teacher.

From the Blood of my Heart
In the blood of my heart
Are found the words
Of the spirit language

In the blood of my heart
There are many songs
Of good medicine for The Peoples

In the blood of my heart
Are gifts from Great Spirit
And I honour them

In the blood of my heart
As old as time
Are rituals of teaching
And I pray
My mind to know them

O Great Spirit
Who made all things
That are good in life
Hear my words of thanksgiving
Hear my chant
From the blood of my heart

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