Avec le vent et les hommes de poussière, 2021

My book ‘With the Wind and Men of Dust’ translated into French. In this book of poetry I write about recovery from addictions, love, identity, culture, friendship, family etc. etc. It makes me very proud to have my works translated into the French language.

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Grandpa’s Wisdom – An Algonquin Reflection on West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease, 2020

This trilingual book, written in English, French and Algonquin is an initiative by Ottawa Public Health. It was created to raise awareness on West Nile Virus and Lyme disease and as an action of reconciliation and to contribute to the restoration of the Algonquin language.

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Sitting by the Rapids, 2018

Poetry is the raging rapids and it is the little fish which doesn’t give up until the turbulent waters are behind it. Poetry is purpose, renewal and rebirth. Sitting by the Rapids is all of this and offers insight into the mind of an Indigenous man who lives with severe chronic pain and who found the strength through spirituality and poetry to put a life of alcohol abuse behind him forever.

Albert writes of Sitting by the Rapids: “The ancestors, living at the time of European contact had a way with words. Poetry spilled effortlessly from their lips because the spirit of the land guided their words. I take seriously my belief that medicine of extraordinary healing power is found in the verses of a poet who puts words together for the purpose of bringing peace and serenity to people in want of it. The counsels and poetry of a person living with pain are special and more meaningful to an individual in the throes of heartache.”

Cover of Sitting by the Rapids

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The Maple Leaves of Kichi Makwa, 2011/17

This unique book is trilingual, written in Algonquin, English, and French. Maple Leaves is a special gift for any child, and can be used to help teach the Algonquin language. The lovely illustrations help convey an important anti-bullying message to today’s children.  No home or classroom should be without it!

From the back cover: “The storyteller of today must create powerful tales and legends now, which will help the people of the distant future keep their diminishing human emotions strong, while living their lives in the smoky-grey fog of advanced technology.” Maple Leaves is Albert’s humble contribution to this cause.

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Of Trees and Their Wisdom, 2009 – SOLD OUT

Broad Winged Hawk, 2007

Broad Winged Hawk is a collection of Albert’s poetry on the wide range of joys and challenges we navigate on our Life’s Journey. Love, the seasons, trauma, healing, our relationship with Nature, are all found within these pages. Below is a poem to honour a traditional teacher.

From the Blood of my Heart
In the blood of my heart
Are found the words
Of the spirit language

In the blood of my heart
There are many songs
Of good medicine for The Peoples

In the blood of my heart
Are gifts from Great Spirit
And I honour them

In the blood of my heart
As old as time
Are rituals of teaching
And I pray
My mind to know them

O Great Spirit
Who made all things
That are good in life
Hear my words of thanksgiving
Hear my chant
From the blood of my heart

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With the Wind and Men of Dust – SOLD OUT


Councils of Encouragement – SOLD OUT

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  2. Deb Blondell-Pitt says:

    What beautiful poetry, From the Blood of My Heart.
    Thank you, Sir.
    Deb Blondell-Pitt

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