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Tribute to an Artist

JoAnn Daniels Gaaminjiminang ojijaakowin (Holds on to her Spirit) was born 63 years ago at a time when a blanket of great beauty and colour covered the land. The autumn blanket sewn by one of the season’s grandmother moons, must … Continue reading

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Proudly do I report the success of the launch of Sakahàn (Igniting a Fire) art exhibition at the National Art Gallery on Thursday, May 16. My friends, artwork speaks. The voices emitting from the creations of our artists today are … Continue reading

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Assimilation? Never!

At a time of spiritual meditation I am sometimes drawn To point my face towards the sun My eyes tightly shut Still, through closed eyes I see all the colours Of a magnificent sunrise before me Like the fire within … Continue reading

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Mind Over Medicine: An Algonquin Elder’s Perspective

Can a “dead” arm come back to life because of the unshakable belief that it will, even when a specialist says the nerve damage is irreversible? What if chronic illness that pills and surgery cannot fix can be healed with … Continue reading

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