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Singing Pebble Storytelling: 16 March

I knew an old man long ago, with leather-like skin, who would dip his fingers into a tin of Copenhagen snuff and then, with unwashed fingers, gingerly stuff a large pinch of it into a toothless mouth already overflowing with … Continue reading

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Sobriety and the Boulet Boots

I remember a summer day back in 1970, going into a shop in the Byward Market (Lowertown Ottawa) and telling the shopkeeper, “I want the meanest cowboy boots in the store and I don’t care about the cost.” The proprietor, … Continue reading

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Humility – Curbing Violence Against Women

Humility – is it not the greatest of our grandfather teachings? It is impossible to claim to be surrounding oneself with the grandness of any of the other teachings without placing humility in the front, centre and back of all … Continue reading

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Hero – Are You One?

A white man I have a lot of respect for mentioned to me recently that he doesn’t believe Chief Theresa Spence was really on a liquid fast for 44 days. “Looked too healthy at the end of it,” he snorted. … Continue reading

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