Humility – Curbing Violence Against Women

Humility – is it not the greatest of our grandfather teachings? It is impossible to claim to be surrounding oneself with the grandness of any of the other teachings without placing humility in the front, centre and back of all of the rest. This is how I see it at least.

Some people have strayed widely from the path the Great Spirit placed before them. They become like the bird of legend who told all other living things that he was greater than the eagle. “I see further and soar higher,” is what he wanted all to believe. One morning he awakened from a deep sleep and found that he was no longer a bird. He had been transformed into a beast, near-sighted and slow-moving. Thus, the porcupine came to life. Nevermore would he soar the majestic heavens as a great bird, punishment for putting humility aside.

As the father of daughters and the grandfather of granddaughters, I would never want men who were not humble to enter their lives.

A man who is humble would never bring unnecessary physical harm to another human being. The teaching would not allow him to do so. But what is as clear as the waters of a mountain brook is the fact that men are guilty, all too often, of perpetrating violence against women. What kind of a man would raise his hand against a woman who is weaker physically, than himself?

Violence is never acceptable. “All I did was shove her,” does not diminish the seriousness of an assault on a woman. A shove today will only lead to punches and kicks tomorrow. Curb it now!

I say this to guys who think getting physical is the solution to disagreement and conflict they have with their wives or girlfriends: “Want to fight? I know men with necks like steers who will oblige you.” A real man would be sickened by the thought of bringing his fist down on a woman.

Men be warned. To bring fear into the heart of a woman is against all you are supposed to stand for as a man.  Ours was a matriarchal society. Women had a special place in the community. They were respected and honoured. A man who degrades a woman in any way, commits an offence against the plan of the Great Spirit. It comes at a cost.

Do you hear my heart singing? It sings loud the honour song sung since the first hearts of human beings drummed on our lands. It sings in praise of those men who stand with humility in the presence of our strong women.

Keep the Circle Strong,
Albert “South Wind” Dumont.

What you can do:
– If you’re in Ottawa this Valentine’s Day, Dare to Care, and be there on the Hill at 11:45am for the Families of Sisters in Spirit Day of Justice.
Other Events on February 14th
– Share the song “For Our Sisters

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