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Ottawa Citizen newspaper journalist Randy Boswell has written the following story:

CBC Ottawa Morning interview with Hallie Cotnam on June 7, 2021
Regarding the renaming of the SJAM parkway. Link to radio interview:

Tribute in Honour of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh – April 17, 2021
Heritage Canada asked me to write a tribute to the Duke which was broadcast during the service at Christ Church Cathedral and also on CBC Radio on Saturday. Here is the link:

Tribute to Bob Nesbitt

Bob Nesbitt, a man I respected greatly, was a rare human being. He gave of himself selflessly. He was a community builder and a true friend to the Indigenous Peoples.
Monique Manatch recorded the following tribute to Bob:

Response to Question:

What if all life was soon to die

I received a request recently from Aliqa Illauq, a young colleague and associate of Monique Manatch. Monique is founder and proprietor of ICMI. Aliqa is a motivated, intelligent and fearless young woman who is no doubt bound to leave her mark in a big way. She is of Inuit ancestry and continues each and every day to bring pride and recognition to her family and community.

Aliqa posed a deep and profound question to me and asked that I allow her to record my response via her phone. The question: What would you do if all ‘Your Relations’ (meaning the things around us in which we need to sustain and nourish ourselves with daily) were on the brink of dying?

Click here for my response:

CBC Interview on All in a Day December 24, 2018

Regarding my new book “Sitting by the Rapids”

After struggling with alcohol addiction and chronic pain, poetry and spirituality are what gave Indigenous writer Albert Dumont the strength to become a better person. He tells us how these two things also inspired his new book.

Human Library Documentary

CBC’s documentary on their Human Library is now online at: I am one of their books featured.

Reconciliation Song by Jah’kota

This song called “Reconciliation” is about the TRC closing ceremonies created by Justin Holness (Jah’kota). He used part of my speech I gave during a panel with Kairos and TRC.

CBC Interview after Unveiling of Art Mural at Pleasant Park Public School

and more coverage on the mural and interviews with the students:                          

Link to the video recording of our lecture with Commissioner Wilson on May 21:

Fundraising Video Clip for Art Mural   For the past several years, Pleasant Park Public School Parent Council has generously supported Aboriginal Awareness activities for students in the classroom and for its community to raise awareness of Aboriginal culture, traditions and history.

This year, Pleasant Park is undertaking a very special art project – The Màmawi Art Mural. The intent of this mural is to honour the survivors of the Residential School System and the important work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, as a gesture of reconciliation.

Well known Algonquin Elder, artist and poet Albert Dumont will work with the students of the school, as well as some youth from nearby high schools, in a co-creation process to design and produce four large scale murals showcasing Canada’s four seasons that will be mounted on the exterior of the school.

Reflections from the Aboriginal Action Circle retreat

These are reflections from participants in PSAC’s Aboriginal Action Circle Retreat held in St-Pierre de Wakefield on 4 October 2014.

Aboriginal Poets: Albert Dumont

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Developments (AANDC) produced this video of South Wind sharing his poem “The path my children would travel.” South Wind also explains that his ancestors had a natural poetic way to express themselves. Released by AANDC on 30 May 2014.

For transcripts and to download the video, please go to

Spirituality, the Chaudière Falls, and Responsibility: Albert ‘South Wind’ Dumont with Judith Matheson

Albert was interviewed by Judith Matheson on 12 February 2014 about the spiritual importance of the Chaudière Falls (in Ottawa/Gatineau). What resulted is a dynamic and compelling conversation between two Elders about Spirituality, Responsibility, and the crucial importance for humans to stay connected to each other and to Nature. Deep conversations like this and listening to our Elders is essential in these times of rapid change, social upheaval, and environmental stress.

Filmed and produced by Greg Macdougall.

Mind Over Medicine book review: Algonquin Elder Albert Dumont’s Perspective

This is an interview of Albert about Dr. Lissa Rankin’s new book, the New York Times Bestseller Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself. Albert is living proof we can heal ourselves. In this video, Albert shares his views on Dr. Rankin’s ideas about healing, grounded in his own experience of healing a paralyzed arm, and in his spiritual beliefs. Albert was interviewed by Julie Comber. Part of the interview is in this blog post. The video was edited by Greg Macdougall.

Connecting with Spiritual Traditions – Dalva Lamminmäki & Albert Dumont

This is the video of a discussion about spiritual traditions between Albert and Dalva Lamminmäki, a keeper of Finno-Ugric Shamanism and traditions. The video was recorded by Greg Macdougall after a Circle was held to welcome Dalva to Algonquin Territory on 27 April 2013 in Greely, (near Ottawa).

Videos from South Wind in Winter: Storytelling

This is the series of seven short videos featuring Albert “South Wind”. Filmed by Greg MacDougall at Singing Pebble Books on 16 March 2013. (Albert’s blog post about the event is here).

The Accident – Giving thanks is necessary in life
“I was 40 and I was sure my life had come to an end.”

Old Joe – Childhood memory
“Old Joe was born without the ability to speak but still his prayers were heard with great beauty and eloquence.”

Creating a Poet – Painful life experiences can have great purpose
“If nothing else, the miseries of my life created poetry.”

The Apple on the Oak Branch – Childhood memory
“I was a mischievous boy and knew how to play a trick.”

What is Time? – Philosophy
“Philosophy is wondrous.”

Carpenter Ants – The land as an ally
“Ants lifted me out of despair.”

The Little Bird – Learning from the land
“A little bird can teach a man to become strong.”

Albert “South Wind” Dumont wishes to express his gratitude to Greg Macdougall for his awesome work in the development of these videos. Migwech!

Albert reading poetry for The Red Cloth Series

Dare to Dream Sentencing Circle, interview on CBC Radio 1

Albert was interviewed by Jean Armstrong of CBC at the Dare to Dream Sentencing Circle by Canadian Lawyers Abroad. The event took place on February 9, 2015 at Rideau High School in Ottawa.

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