Spiritual Advisor / Traditional Teacher / Mediation Facilitator

  • Opening prayers, request for blessings, smudging ceremonies
  • Visiting sick and dying Aboriginal patients (Ottawa Hospital, Civic and General Campuses)
  • Wellness and Healing – Assisting in the recovery of people suffering poor health because of addictions. Through his own experiences and through the healing spirits of our homelands he works to bring strength, pride and health back into peoples’ lives.

Current and past work

Grandparents Counsel for Well Living House, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto (since September 2017)

Elder on the Elders Advisory Committee of the Ministry of the Attorney General (October 2016 to February 2020)

Elder for Parole Board of Canada at Elder Assisted Hearings –  (November 2013 to March 2017)

Spiritual Advisor for Aboriginal offenders of J Unit at Millhaven Institution (October 2010 to October 2013)

Elder for Government of Canada – Health Canada, RCMP, Kumik Lodge – Aboriginal Affairs, Canadian Forces, HRSDC

Elder in Residence, Iskotew Lodge – Health Canada

Sentencing circles in Ottawa

Aboriginal Action Circle PSAC

Young Offenders Program (1996-2005)

St. Vincent’s Hospital (1994-2004)

Obabika – Change of Season Ceremony (Sept. 2010)

Waseskun Retreat: storytelling (Sept. 2010)

NCC – Lac Philippe, Gatineau Park: storytelling (summer 2011)

International Ploughing Match: opening prayer (Sept. 2011)

Kitigan Zibi Pow Wow 2017 – male elder

Motivational Speaker / Consultant

Conferences: Maniwaki Adult Education and Vocational Training Centre

Meetings:  PSAC, Canadian Government

Poet / Writer / Storyteller / Artist

Albert writes to encourage healing; using the power of words for healing through poetry and story telling; through words reflecting the wisdom of the forest, of the rivers and lakes, of the birds, animals and fish and of Elders and of children.

Poet Laureate City of Ottawa – April 2021 for 2 years


“Councils of Encouragement” 1994

“With the Wind and Men of Dust” 2001

“Broad Winged Hawk” 2007

“Of Trees and Their Wisdom” 2009

“Maple Leaves of Kichi Makwa” 2011

“Sitting by the Rapids” 2018

“Grandpa’s Wisdom – An Algonquin Reflection on West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease” 2020

“Avec le vent et les hommes de poussière” 2021

“I am a Human Being” Anthology, 2022

Poems for special occasions

“Shimaganish” for Native Veteran’s Association 1997

“Song of Young Eagles” for the Aboriginal Headstart Program 1997

“The Worker’s Request” for the National Day of Mourning 1998

“My Healing Place” for Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health 2001

“Death Shall Not Remove Me” for Wabano Centre Crime Prevention Symposium 2006

“The Promise of a Parent” for Wabano Centre’s “Parenting Bundle” manual 2011


“Kichi Migwech Creator” Aboriginal Headstart Program 1997

“Prayer for the Armed Forces” 2006

“In Honour of the Rideau Canal” anniversary prayer for the Rideau Canal 175 year anniversary 2007

“Welcome Prayer” RCMP 2007

“Prayer for RCMP Change of Command Ceremony” 2012

Storytelling in schools and universities

One of Albert’s greatest beliefs is that our Anishinabe ancestors were keepers of great oratory skills. He believes the great wisdom of the forests, rivers and lakes and hills of our homelands can inspire healing in people suffering from addictions.

Other Contributions

Founder of Turtle Moons Press (publishing) 2000

Turtle Moons Contemplations Greeting Cards (artwork and verse) 2000

Founder of Pagahamatig Poetry Circle 2005

Activist / Advocacy

Ottawa Native Concerns Committee – bringing justice to many causes of concern to First Nations since 1993

Justice Issues – worked to change the Canadian Justice System for Aboriginal people (Teddy Bellingham, Cape Croker First Nation).

Instrumental in working to place a tombstone on the grave of famed Aboriginal Artist Benjamin Chee Chee in 1997 – Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa

Kitigan Zibi School – Writing Contest, December 2010

Kitigan Zibi School – Summer Camp, 2011

Beaver Pond, South March Highlands – ceremonies, opening prayers, candle light vigil, 2010 until present

300-year old pines near Highway 105, Wakefield – ceremonies, 2012

Rally outside Brockville Mental Health Centre and Royal Ottawa against the treatment of Marlene Carter, 2016

Walk for Akikodjiwan from the Chaudiere Falls to Parliament Hill, 2016, 2017, 2018

Workshop Facilitator

Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health, Aboriginal Perspectives on Child and Youth Mental Health Symposium, September 2013. One workshop on Youth in Criminal Justice, the other on Circle of Care (CAS).

Public Service Alliance, 2005 until present

Aboriginal Action Circle since 2006

The Spiritual Connection – to Love, Justice, Education, Health & Healing, Child Rearing, Relationships, Poverty and other areas of life, 2006-2007

Canadian Authors Association Annual Conference, 2007  – the first Aboriginal writer to appear as a presenter at a CAA Conference in 86 years

Poverty and Healing Circle Workshop, 2007

Rethinking Poverty, 2007

Non-violent Communications Workshop 2007-2008

Writer’s Workshop – Canadian Authors Association – Algonquin College, 2008

Creative Writing Workshop – Wabano Centre, 2012

Youth Justice Workshop – Wabano Centre, 2012


APTN – Fire Prevention Video

CBC Television – Anxiety Disorder PSA

Aboriginal Radio – Changes to Indian Act

Play “Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing”

One Response to Biography

  1. Leen Matthyssen says:

    Hello Albert, just left work where I spent the day with you and Marc at the MRC Pontiac. Just wanted to let you know personally that I feel like you touched my spirit with your words. I felt disconnected a lot of my life and felt different and after today feel a sense of purpose to just be. I was raised Catholic and made to go to church every Sunday and never really connected with the religion. it is also why I chose not to have my children baptized. I felt I would be a hypocrite seeing as I don’t practice any religion. Anyway, next time I will be in the forest (which I will be this weekend with my boys for the deer hunt) I will make sure to open myself up to it all. I will make sure to thank nature for what it’s giving me and I will give my boys the choice to decide for themselves but will explain why I’m thanking nature.

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