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  1. I just heard your interview about the book Mind Over Medicine. Thank you so much for talking about how the spirit is important to our bodies. It is always good to hear it reiterated. I’ve come to see the spirit world again. I was shamed into not believing in my spirit visions and world as a young child going to school and it went away. As a black child being taught by white teachers it was soul crushing, and going to an Episcopal church was not helpful, but I am coming back to myself. I’m an artist and poet, too and my spiritual muscles are getting stronger as I live. There is a lot happening in my spirit life that I don’t understand, but I know I’m going in the right direction. Peace.

    • South Wind says:

      Dear Ms. Davis,
      Your comment was most appreciated.
      Your experiences as a child were my experiences too. A dominant society does more harm, emotionally and spiritually, to their minorities’ minds and spirits than they would ever care to admit. Don’t let anything stop you from knowing your “true” self. And please write and write and write poetry. It is good medicine.
      Keep the Circle Strong,
      Albert “South Wind”.

  2. Jeannette says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this.
    Have sent my comment – also en français : Liberté aux chutes.

  3. Olaf Bernhardt says:


    Sorry, my english is´nt very good, so I translated the text with google.

    Yesterday the link to your video ” Simple , – deep truths Algonquin Elder Albert Dumont in discussion with Dalva Lamminmäki , Finno – Ugric a keeper of Shamanism and traditions ” has been born to me.

    I speak as someone who has no remarkable traditions in the background and would like to add in this position, something which what is said .

    The traditions , histories and legacies of traditional cultures have not opened the way for me , but they gave me joined hands in friendship. They telling me , “You are not alone, you follow a path which others went and still go ” . Also served and serve it to me as a ” guide line ” to certain experiences for a better understanding and also to follow the suggestion that string on.

    But it ‘s also important to remember the spirits themselves.

    Our ancestors for examble are not only ancestors of long ago , but come up to racing . So there are also ancestors of our times and that’s good , because the spirits in certain situations can only help us if they know the problems that we face . It is also , I think , important to keep in mind that the spirits rule themselves and therefore follow their own paths. They are and act.

    What I want to say is that the traditions are important, but beyond that we must not forget the here and now to have an open ear for them. After all, it is no matter how the Spirits once have spoken to the livings , but the kind and wise as they talk today or tomorrow with me could be very different. If mankind forgets the ancestors and spirits , that does not mean they cease to exist. Time and again, people without any access to be touched by the spirits , initiated and led to spiritual paths . The most important thing seems to me to give our followers an open heart and an open mind on, so they will hear it when the spirits knocking, although they are also able to knock very loudly.

    In solidarity …… olaf bernhardt

  4. Mitch says:

    I really enjoy reading your page. You might be interested to know that the Sacred writings contained in the Bible mention water and waterfalls in a very beautiful & special way e.g. Psalms 29:3; 42:7; 98:7; 104:3. I thought you might appreciate those passages.

    Also, Bible-believers might also recall human beings are “to take care” of the earth, we are to be tenders of the Garden. (Genesis 1:29; 2:15 (expression “to take care of it”) 9:3,4; Leviticus 25:23-24MSGBible; Ezekial 34:2-4 (shepherding like role); Psalms 8:6-9; 115:16) Jehovah God, Our heavenly Father Creator does not approve of wastefulness or the polluting of the earth. (Jeremiah 2:7, John 6:12; Revelation 11:18) This is one reason I put my trust in His Government-Gimaawin (Matthew 6:9) and not man’s. Anyways thought I shared that with you. Thank you (Miigwetch)

  5. Marie Lloyd says:

    Dear Elder Dumont,
    You are opening the Tony Turner Harperman sing along today. Migwitch. I met Grandfather William Commanda at a gathering to support the Ardoch Algonquin defence of their land against mining near where I live. (They won.) My regard for elders is deep, and I am so sorry not to see you talk. I see you have the same convictions as Grandfather about Chaudiere Falls. I wanted it to be returned so badly before he died. But that didn’t happen. I still want this for him, no matter. Can I help?

  6. Nathalie says:

    Dear Elder Dumont, Dear Sir,

    This cause is very dear to me, as I understand it, and brings lots of tears and anger into myself. I AM EXTREMELY HOPEFUL that this cause can be brought to the attention of the leaders in a position to do something about it! Amidts my efforts to talk to our Ottawa representative Catherine McKenna and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and the efforts of university of Ottawa students, who are trying to get organized in order to make this happen, it seems that Marlene Carter is not already out of the hospital and THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

    Our efforts, at the University, were on the same day: Feb.11, 2016! I am myself a survivor of psychiatry and I had a HARD TIME myself because I am not yet completely healed! A lot of people were at the university that day and, because of my condition, I was not able to bring enough attention. I collapsed on the stage, because my brain was hurting hard.

    Please, if your people can rally at the University, I am making myself available there every day pm (Starting at 1:30pm…) at the square… I do not know the name of the buildings… however, there is one main building with the student association and a square like place where it seems to be possible to advocate.

    I met a lot of people on that particular day, and also RAdio-CAnada. Because I am not very well myself, it is quite hard for me to do all it is needed in order for this to happen.

    Please come at the University and we can complete what needs to be done.

    The policies are: that I have to reserve a time for the event. however, I am inviting you to come, as if students and continue bringing attention on the matter… Please excuse my condition, as this is already very difficult for me. It is my hope that some of you can help me help you in the way that will end this, for Marlene and Others! I will do all I can to book a place, however, if this is not possible, or delayed, I invite you to come and start bringing awareness in a way that does not put any of us into trouble.
    This is very important… if trouble comes… we invite more trouble…

    At u of ottawa there are students in law, in communications, in public relations, in medicine, in politics… and many of them are already starting to be aware of this problem, and many wish (as I do believe) to be able to do something about it.

    Let me know how this aligns with the great spirit of freedom, truth, justice, health and wealth, respect…

    (with utmost sincerity, Nathalie)

    • South Wind * says:

      Hi Natalie,

      Thank you very much for your comment and for your commitment and dedication you hold for Marlene Carter. Marlene did not step forward at some point in the past and ask for a mental illness to strike her. No one wants to be cursed with mental illness. No one wants a loved one to be overcome with it. Not enough people care. To me this is the insanity of society itself.
      I wish I had the time to do more than what I am already doing. But the fact is that I am a one-person committee and for now will focus my attention on Marlene Carter. I know that creating awareness for Marlene Carter’s plight will have a rippling effect from which all citizens stricken with mental illness will benefit. I will keep you in my prayers and make a humble request that you do likewise for me.
      Please note, Natalie, that I am an offline person and am extremely busy with activism, teaching, sharing and facilitating circles in schools and do not have the time to respond to each comment on my website. I wish you well.

      All the best,
      Albert Dumont

  7. Aiden says:

    Hey there,

    I didnt get a chance to shake your hand before leaving but thank you for coming to my class today and sharing with us some of your stories and experiences. I enjoy hearing about peoples lives and yours was a interresting one. Just like you I believe strongly in making a difference in the world. You taught me some new things about spirtuality that I didnt know before.

  8. Robert Dunlop says:

    You just finished your Opening of our TELT meeting, and I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your message and words. You are an amazing speaker who speaks from the heart and from the wisdom you have collected. Thank you so much for the time you shared with us. Very inspiring!

  9. maureen says:

    Hi Albert,
    I am not sure if you have come across this, but I just did, and it is a good support I think.
    “Borrows, John. “Indigenous Legal Traditions in Canada.” Washington University Journal of Law and Policy 19, (2005): 167-223.The Earth is Our Mother: Freedom of Religion and the Preservation of Aboriginal Sacred Sites in Canada
    Natasha Bakht and Lynda Collins

    (2017) 62:3 McGill Law Journal

    For centuries, the Canadian state and its precursors engaged in systematic religious persecution of Aboriginal peoples through legal prohibitions, coercive residential schooling and the dispossession and destruction of sacred sites. Though the Canadian government has abandoned the criminalization of Aboriginal religious practices, and is beginning to come to grips with the devastating legacy of residential schools, it continues to permit the destruction and desecration of Aboriginal sacred sites. Sacred sites play a crucial role in most Aboriginal cosmologies and communities; they are as necessary to Aboriginal religions as human-made places of worship are to other religious traditions. The ongoing case of Ktunaxa Nation v BC represents the first opportunity for the Supreme Court of Canada to consider whether the destruction of an Aboriginal sacred site constitutes a violation of freedom of religion under section 2(a) of the Charter. Building on the ground-breaking work of John Borrows and others, we will argue that Aboriginal spiritual traditions have a home in this provision and merit a level of protection equal to that enjoyed by other faith groups in Canada. In general, section 2(a) will be infringed by non-trivial state (or state-sponsored) interference with an Aboriginal sacred site. Moreover, the approval of commercial or industrial development on an Aboriginal sacred site without consent and compensation will generally be unjustifiable under section 1.”

  10. Tomo says:

    Hi Albert, I heard that you were chosen as an English poet laureate for City of Ottawa. Congratulations! I am looking forward to seeing you soon. Tomo Adachi

  11. Bill Montgomery says:

    Saangi laa Albert,

    My name is Bill Montgomery, I am the Indigenous Ed System Support Teacher for Upper Canada DSB. We have met when you were kind enough to attend our inaugural TRC Gathering a few years ago and I was hoping to interest you in another event. We bring our iLead (Indigenous Leadership Program) together five times each year to provide teachings from various affiliations. These are our self identified indigenous students in high school. Before the changes we’ve had to make over the last couple of years we were getting close to 200 students for each gathering. I would like to speak with you more regarding this if you are able. My number is 613-340-8101. How’aa, be well. Bill.

  12. Good morning Albert, i saw your poems and your article in CBC regarding the visit of a group of indigenous people going to see the pope Francis to request or to hear an apology long due. An apology that the indigenous people should not have begged or request. It captivated my attention that you feel the same as i do. I would like to know if you may like the idea idea to have you as guest for a 10-minute interview for Quienes Somos? (who are we?). Quienes Somos? is a bilingual (English/Spanish volunteer-run social media news channel that main objective is to introduce individuals that make a differences in Canadian society and economy and to bring more awareness about the indigenous people of Canada and its history that have been kept hidden and forgotten for centuries.
    You may watch , perhaps follow the channel. Watch the videos section where you can see the many interviews and coverages we have done for the last 22 years

    You may watch this narrative documentaries i directed and produced as well to bring more awareness to the new immigrants arriving in Canada

  13. A M Jeannette Fraser says:

    So correct your comments. marsi, amjf

  14. Peter S Attrell says:

    Albert your words spoken today at the Queens Memorial were so well spoken and articulated speaking from the hearts and souls of all Canadians. We pray your day and weeks to come will be blessed as much as you have blessed us. Thank you for your heart felt words.


  15. RondaLouiseLakeParker says:

    I was very impressed by your spoken word and to hear you voice when speaking and honouring the Queen. I am going to read your books and will recommend that you come to the Atlantic Provinces and do a speaking tour. You have a kind face and a gentle caring spirit I can tell. You are meant to spread your giftedness the especially the younger generations who need to hear more about peace , love , nature and respect for other cultures and our environment.

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