Spiritual Advisor / Traditional Teacher / Mediation Facilitator

Albert is available for:

  • Opening prayers, request for blessings, smudging ceremonies, mediation
  • Visiting sick and dying Aboriginal patients (Ottawa Hospital, Civic and General Campuses)
  • Wellness and Healing – Assisting in the recovery of people suffering poor health because of addictions. Through his own experiences and through the healing spirits of our homelands he works to bring strength, pride and health back into people’s lives

Motivational Speaker / Consultant

Albert is a dynamic speaker who shares heartfelt wisdom at conferences and meetings.

Poet / Writer / Storyteller / Artist

Albert writes to encourage healing; using the power of words for healing through poetry and storytelling; through words reflecting the wisdom of the forest, of the rivers and lakes, of the birds, animals and fish and of Elders and of children.

  • Poems and Prayers for special occasions
  • Storytelling in schools, offices, parks etc.
  • Logo Designs

Activist / Advocacy

  • Justice Issues
  • Writing Contests
  • Ceremonies, opening prayers, candle light vigils for environmental causes

Workshop Facilitator

  • Workshops on writing
  • Workshops on a variety of topics

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