Sitting by the Rapids

Albert writes about Sitting by the Rapids: “The ancestors, living at the time of European contact had a way with words. Poetry spilled effortlessly from their lips because the spirit of the land guided their words. I take seriously my belief that medicine of extraordinary healing power is found in the verses of a poet who puts words together for the purpose of bringing peace and serenity to people in want of it. The counsels and poetry of a person living with pain are special and more meaningful to an individual in the throes of heartache.”

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Praise for Sitting by the Rapids

“These gentle words full of love and powerful energy are like Albert himself. They encourage and guide the way for all who read them and are prepared to move on.”             —Maria Campbell, author of Halfbreed.

“Reading Sitting by the Rapids is a literary experience much like Indigenous poet Albert Dumont’s title for his collection. His reflective lines of personal spirituality and salvation flow over the hidden rocks of his life with a raw grace, and his evolving relationship with Nature and the Great Spirit washes powerfully over the reader, who may well see their reflection in it.” —Phil Jenkins, author of An Acre of Time.

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