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Tobacco Good, Cigarettes Bad

I hear volunteers are being sought to settle on Mars before 2020. “A one-way trip,” they say. Are you interested? I think I’ll pass! Bungee jumping? I’ll pass on that too! A cigarette? No thanks!!! I was a big smoker … Continue reading

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Tribute to an Elder

A beautiful human being, old and wise, whose spirit grew ever stronger with each of her 92 winters of life, has passed away. Beverley Robinson – Morin – Von Baeyer was a one-of-a-kind human dynamic. I was privileged to know … Continue reading

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What Spiritual Beliefs Mean to Me

Spirituality? Salvation, yes! And it has a great deal to do with our ability to walk on waters which would blur our vision to what is truly sacred if ever we sunk into them. Without my spiritual beliefs I would … Continue reading

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Question? Period!

The Reform Party, guised as the ‘New’ Conservative Party, held their convention in Calgary this past weekend. The delegates cheered, danced and humbled themselves before their king, just returned from the battlefield known as the ‘House of Commons’. The delegates … Continue reading

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