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What Spiritual Beliefs Mean to Me

Spirituality? Salvation, yes! And it has a great deal to do with our ability to walk on waters which would blur our vision to what is truly sacred if ever we sunk into them. Without my spiritual beliefs I would … Continue reading

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Assimilation? Never!

At a time of spiritual meditation I am sometimes drawn To point my face towards the sun My eyes tightly shut Still, through closed eyes I see all the colours Of a magnificent sunrise before me Like the fire within … Continue reading

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Mind Over Medicine: An Algonquin Elder’s Perspective

Can a “dead” arm come back to life because of the unshakable belief that it will, even when a specialist says the nerve damage is irreversible? What if chronic illness that pills and surgery cannot fix can be healed with … Continue reading

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Black Bear Man

A day for Mike (Black Bear Man) usually began with him being mechanically lifted out of bed, then washed, dressed and fed by staff at the longterm care hospital where he resided. Mike was a quadriplegic. His paralysis occurred when … Continue reading

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Sobriety and the Boulet Boots

I remember a summer day back in 1970, going into a shop in the Byward Market (Lowertown Ottawa) and telling the shopkeeper, “I want the meanest cowboy boots in the store and I don’t care about the cost.” The proprietor, … Continue reading

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