The Maple Leaves of Kichi Makwa

Published in 2011

A children’s book. The storyteller of today must create powerful tales and legends now, which will help the people of the distant future keep their diminishing human emotions strong, while living their lives in the smoky-grey fog of advanced technology. The Maple Leaves of Kichi Makwa is Albert’s humble contribution to this cause.

This unique book is multilingual, written in Algonquin, English, and French. Maple Leaves is a special gift for any child, and can be used to help teach the Algonquin language. The lovely illustrations help convey an important anti-bullying message to today’s children.  No home or classroom should be without it!

To see photos of the pages inside, please click here.

To order through PayPal, choose the quantity and click “Add to Cart”, below. You can also send an email to Or in Ottawa, go to Singing Pebble Books, 202A Main St.


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