Hero – Are You One?

A white man I have a lot of respect for mentioned to me recently that he doesn’t believe Chief Theresa Spence was really on a liquid fast for 44 days. “Looked too healthy at the end of it,” he snorted. I have little doubt my buddy has bought into the views being presented now by racist radio commentators, other media sources, and the lamb of the senate, Patrick Brazeau. The respect I had for my friend has been whittled down a few pegs. Life goes on.

Chief Spence is a hero and nothing racist white people (Levant, Solberg, Akin, and Gunter) or wanna-be-Algonquins say against her will ever change that fact. Man, they can’t even stand to watch us heap praise and honour on one of our own. It actually infuriates them. “How dare them dumb redskins think they can have a hero,” is the message their views reflect.

“Hero” – nice word, isn’t it? It’s a word you don’t see attached to very many people these days, not in this country at least. I have met folks in my life who were extraordinarily kind, generous to a fault, braver than lions, wiser than Solomon, and so on and so on. They were special to be sure, but heroes? In my definition of the word, not really.

My spirituality is a hero of sorts. It was my salvation. It fought it out with the severe alcohol addiction I had been overcome with. There was no match, the addiction got kicked to the curb. Whatever good I do or have done, have its foundations with my spirituality. I push forward in life, strong and sober, Kichi Migwech Creator.

Who do you think the trees, birds, and animals of our forests see as heroes? The winds and waters too, have heroes. Who are they? We are their heroes, me and you and all other human beings who love the land and pray for her healing at every opportunity. When we respect and honour all life, we are a hero to those beings without a human heart beating in their bosoms. The lands sing songs of honour for all who walk softly upon it.

The four aces of Sun Media, Levant, Solberg, Akin, and Gunter are not heroes. No one will ever see them as such. Not in this life and not in the next. Their writings seem to confirm that they are OK with the destruction of our waterways and worse yet, they work to create minds who think likewise. I shudder when I think what kind of God must they believe in.

We are heroes, Chief Spence is a hero. Let us stand and face each of the four directions and offer a prayer that the land and waters and winds will heal and that our children and future generations will always be blessed with the energy and sustenance offered by Mother Earth.

Keep the Circle Strong,
Albert “South Wind” Dumont.

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  1. Maxim Cossette says:

    Thank you for the strong words. Inspiring.

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