A Good Brother (poem)

Dedicated to and inspired by Justin Ranger
For his siblings, nieces and nephews
© South Wind (Albert Dumont)

He was a good brother
Loving, supportive, gracious, funny
To you, he was the wings
Of your human heart
He was the bear, the wolf, the turtle
And the smoke, arising
From a thick braid of smouldering sweetgrass
To you, he was all of those things
And so much more
And now you mourn his passing

But do not despair too much, for
He is still there, a good brother
Bringing forth his kindness and his generosity
His gentleness and the great respect
He had for the women and girls
Of all the First Nations Peoples

Those ways, uniquely of his spirit
Are present near you
On the branches of every pine tree
And in every breath you take
Bring them once more into your heart
Those powerful, energy filled wings of his
Do not despair
Celebrate instead that he was your brother

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