South Wind Blessing this Blog

A spiritual cleansing must first occur before the physical can get involved into something of healing. And so I say to all who I have harmed in any way that I am deeply and profoundly sorry. And I make no excuses for the wrongs I have done. Kichi Manido gave me the ability to make my own choices, trusting that I would do what was right. Yet, this was not always the case. I never set out to hurt anybody nor anything else alive on this beautiful planet we call Mother Earth.


But pain was felt. I know because I felt it too. My conscience will never allow me to forget. My spirit, for the remainder of my living days will twist and coil like a tormented snake each and every time you visit my mind or enter into my dreams.

I will prove my remorse by dedicating future good deeds in your name so you will benefit from them. I am sorry too, for any harm or senseless death I brought to birds in the field, and to the fish whose glitter I foolishly removed from the lakes and rivers of my homeland, the four-legged killed only for sport, and for taking life away from spiders and bees for doing only what is natural to them.

I want to breathe at last the wind my ancestors felt in their lungs before technology came to Turtle Island. A wind which roamed the land before sins such as the ones I committed even existed. How refreshed and pure I would feel in mind, body and spirit.

Sometimes I wish that we, the human beings, had shells spiritually covering us. Shells which would protect us from the emotional damage we cause to ourselves and to each other. But we do not have such shells and this is why I feel the need to say I am sorry to all who have been hurt by my actions.

It is my hope that the words written in this new blog on my website by me, “South Wind”, will always be received in a good way by all who take the time to read it. Please trust that I will always be honest with you. May the healing songs of our Anishinabe ancestors enter your hearts and bring peace and serenity into your spirits.

Keep the Circle Strong,
Albert “South Wind” Dumont



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4 Responses to South Wind Blessing this Blog

  1. Beautiful website Grandfather Albert, miss you and hope you will return one day to Eskotew Lodge so we can meet up again one day…. Happy Holidays

  2. Beverly says:

    So very happy to read your blog and will check for updates regularly. Your stories, poems and teachings always make me think. Miigwetch for all that you do for all of us. All my relations….beverly

  3. Michelle Thomas says:

    Kwe Kwe Albert; Once again, your words touched my heart. I heard them & acknowledge your truth. I am grateful you are still in the territory continuing to spread the messages of peace, love and truth as honored by our people. It is an inspiration for others that are seeking that inside themselves. Just wanted to say that I think of you often, and have prayed for the work that you continue to do for the people, the earth and the children. Many Blessings

  4. Che-meegwetch Albert for your loving kindness. When I read your words, i can not but feel deeply motivated to walk the good path. May your spirit be blessed and your loving kindness continue to expand like the beautiful forests Mother Earth provides.

    Blessings Always.

    Daniel Bernard “Amikwabe”

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