The Ottawa Sun, A Racist Rag

The fields are quiet and white with snow! The Little Spirit Moon dutifully brightens the night sky! A perfect setting to be sure for that special time of year when Christians are instructed through the teachings of their Bible, to express tidings of peace and goodwill towards their fellow man. Whatever the case, the badasses at the Ottawa Sun newspaper do not allow Christmas and what it represents to slow them down in their hate mongering. Ezra and his crew hardly allow themselves to come up for air. Christmas be darned, they would prefer to promote hatred instead of peace and goodwill.

In their December 18th newspaper (check out the hate generated by the Sun’s editorial “Help regular folks on reserves”), just six days before Christmas Eve, the Sun’s Editorial writer notifies his readers of a “handwritten note” sent to Ottawa by someone claiming that corruption and abuse of funds are occurring on the Big Island First Nation in Saskatchewan. The editorial repeatedly uses words such as “it’s claimed”, “alleges”, “unproven”, “if true” when referring to the contents of the “handwritten note” sent to Ottawa by whomever. No name was given which would identify the note writer. Yet as poisonous as the note is and without proof of any kind to confirm the charges being made therein, the Sun still receives it as a document worthy of commentary. Are the chief and band council of Big Island really guilty of anything? The Sun couldn’t care less. At the Sun, a First Nations’ chief is guilty until proven innocent. The opportunity to attack First Nations has arrived in the form of a handwritten note and they have jumped on it like buzzards on a gut wagon. And they call themselves “freedom fighters”! It’s enough to make me gag.

Imagine if I wrote a note claiming corruption and abuse of funds against the mayors and municipal councils of towns like Almonte or Smith Falls and sent the note to Ottawa. Would anyone take it seriously? Would an editorial in the Sun scream “if it’s proven, those responsible need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law” regarding the unfounded and unproven charges like the Sun is demanding should come down on the leaders at Big Island?

A new, modern stereotype against First Nations to suit the times has been created in the last few years. The big lie being spread today like manure over a freshly tilled field, is that “all” First Nations chiefs and band councils are corrupt, evil desperadoes who live like kings and queens while the people they are called upon to serve live in unspeakable misery. Another falsehood promoted as “truth” by Canadian hate mongers is that the chiefs and band councils follow “no rules or structure” during elections. According to the hate mongers at the Sun, First Nations leaders “make it up as they go along”. The saddest thing about it all is that many Canadians believe this nonsense as the gospel truth. Racist Canadians believe it because they ‘want’ to, and because they ‘need’ to, so they can find peace in being able to say, “Those damn Indians got everything they deserved in the residential schools.”

To ‘hate’ other human beings is not our way as First Nations Peoples. We believe it is unnatural for human beings to do so. Hate is unnecessary. It is what often comes as a prelude to violence. The amount of hate in the heart of a man gauges the failures of his faith leader as a counselor, and measures accurately the extent of the worthlessness of the holy book he pertains to embrace. In our (First Nations) circles hate is not welcome. How can a man be balanced spiritually, if hate occupies his heart?

Keep the Circle Strong,
Albert “South Wind” Dumont.

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