A Plea For Help

The seasons of life, how wonderfully fortunate and privileged are the human beings who experience all of them! To live from the springtime of your life all the way through to the winter of your years is something we hope will come to pass for all the people we love. My heart is strong in its desire to drum long into its final winter.

I write this post to speak of truths and of misfortune and also to speak of the zest for life of an honourable young man I have come to know and admire. We live in a world where one knows not, with 100% certainty, whether he or she will still be alive and healthy a year hence from now. Much can go askew! The organs inside our bodies, working in harmony with blood, muscle and nerves will generate vigour and physical strength for us only when each organ is functioning as it should. When an organ playing a vital role to the health of the human body is overcome by disease, it is no longer capable of doing its work. Death can occur because of it. Such is the case with David, a dear friend of mine. He has only recently become the proud dad of his first child, an adorable baby girl. He is a fine, considerate, compassionate, generous young man who loves the land and prays for the health and wellbeing of all good peoples. David has been stricken with a disease attacking his kidneys (Berger’s Disease). He is in desperate need of a donor kidney or he will not have the good life he deserves.

David is the type of man who sits in the fasting circle, humbly requesting the spirit of the land to counsel him and to guide his pathway. The blue jay gliding in the foreground of evergreens lifts his spirit. The song carried in the wind and the fragrances emitting from Mother Earth bring joy into his heart. He is a man of simple needs. The love he possesses for his wife and daughter cannot be surpassed. For them he would dance till dawn each and every day of the year. We ask for your prayers and good energy. But who knows, somebody reading this might see fit by helping David out by offering him the gift of life.

Please read David’s own words about how the illness has impacted him:

D & V. May 2015Our baby girl Violette has turned 6 months last week… I can’t believe how fast she’s growing. It seems like it was yesterday again that she was just born… She is a very alert little girl and loves to smile and laugh. She truly is adorable and we are so blessed to have her in our lives.

Approximately one year ago (April 2014) I was getting severe headaches and I attributed it to stress from work, commuting to Kingston, allergies, etc. Then at Easter last year I woke up one morning and started vomiting uncontrollably. I initially thought it was food poisoning. I started to fever and we decided to go to the Emergency Room (here in Kingston). They took my blood pressure and found it was over 200. After many tests (they kept me in the hospital for one week to bring down the blood pressure) they found that my kidneys were operating at only 20%, but they didn’t know if it was due to the hypertension or something else. The kidney specialist determined they needed to take a biopsy of my kidney to determine everything what exactly was present.

The biopsy revealed that my kidneys have a disease called IgA Nephropathy or Berger’s disease and at that time it was at stage 4 (stage 5 being kidney failure). They were, and are still today unaware of the cause of such condition and there is no cure. All they do know is that high blood pressure attributes to the disease and the disease creates high blood pressure. I will let you google for a more detailed description of the disease/condition, what I can share is that my condition is very aggressive, where basically my immune system is killing my kidneys.

That was a year ago and until about two months ago, I was managing/coping with medications to control my blood pressure, a restricted diet, exercise, positive thinking, ceremony, and awareness/research, etc. About two months ago the disease jumped into hyper drive and basically totalled my kidney function. In order to remedy that, it was determined that dialysis was needed and I was immediately admitted for surgery to have a catheter line inserted in my stomach for peritoneal dialysis (PD). Again I will let you google that type of dialysis to obtain furthers details (if you wish) but basically I chose this route because I would be able to do it at home (during night time) and it is a good choice pre kidney transplant.

Since starting PD the dialysis experience hasn’t been the best as the catheter has been moving around too much and therefore the fluid wasn’t draining properly. They found the catheter kept migrating up and not draining. So then it was decided that more surgery was needed to determined the cause of it moving around so much, and felt that they would probably have to “tack it down” to my pelvis to stop it from moving. So as all this was being determined the disease kept on and for safe measures it was determined that I needed some sort of dialysis immediately, so I was admitted (again) for surgery to have a temporary hemodialysis line put in my upper chest/neck area (called a perm cath). So since then (for the past two weeks), I have gone to hemodialysis (at the hospital) three times a week for four hours each time. The catheter in my belly for PD has been completely removed and a new one has been inserted. They are going to try to start PD again next week and hopefully everything works out ok with the newly installed catheter.

I am now at the space of this experience where I have accepted this hard situation and that I can’t do it alone. I need to expand my healing circle and in that regards I am humbly asking for you to help me as much as you can offer. I don’t know how this may unfold, but simply knowing you know this helps greatly. Things happened so rapidly and so many great things were evolving all at once, mostly the coming of my daughter, that focusing on this condition was difficult.

I wish to share that my main goal is to have a kidney transplant within the next year. I am currently on the ‘hunt’ for a living donor. So please (and certainly no pressure) put the word out there. I am searching for a grateful soul to donate a kidney and help me to restore my body balance where it was meant to be and as Creation intended it to be. If you ever come across someone who would be interested, I can give you more information on how to proceed or even give you more information/a brochure, etc. FYI, the blood type doesn’t have to match because they have a system where if you have a donor that has a different blood type, they will find another donor in the same situation and all people can benefit.

Besides that I will be placed on the transplant cadaver list. But such transplant can take years to occur and that’s if you’re lucky. Finding a living donor is my best option. I am currently searching for a grateful soul to donate a kidney so I can return to the balanced being that I am intended to be. If you can, please share this with all you feel should know, please do and may I ask you to put out a request to our Ancestors that would mean the world to me.

Again please forgive me for not sharing more of this sooner but I needed to move down this healing path as I was intended to. It has certainly been a humbling and at times suffering experience, but I can speak today with my chin up and say it has made me stronger and greatly aware of life’s sacred gifts.
– David.

Keep the Circle Strong,
South Wind.

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  1. Hello David
    I’ve posted this to my FB page for my friends, relatives and all faithful readers to see and hopefully post it to theirs.
    I send positive thoughts and energy your way, and healing prayers with my smudges.
    Good luck.

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