Birth Moons

Throughout the days of the year a powerful energy created by the seasons is constantly emitting from the land. Human eyes cannot see the energy but it rises from the land in the same way as smoke rises from smoldering embers. The mightiest trees and the smallest plants contribute to its power as does all other life on the earth. The winged, the swimmers, the crawlers, the four-legged and the rivers and lakes of our territories, all lend spiritually to the greatness of the energy. And though it is an energy whose power and purpose arises from life on the land, it is the moon who directs when it will live and when it will give way to a new energy as great as itself. The energy is obedient to the moon and never breaks from her direction and instruction.

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter have their own unique spirit attached to them. Over the passing of a year, each season will bring sacredness and well-being to the land.

When human beings are born, the spirit of the season is there to greet them. With the first breath a human being takes, the energy of the land finds a place in their hearts where the spirit of the child embraces it and holds it for all of the moments the heart will live.

The heart of a person born in late autumn does not fill with hope in the same way as that of a person born in spring. It is something the mind had little to do with. The emotional realm of a human being acquires its strengths from whatever is alive on the land when their first breath was taken after their birth. The late autumn is a time when a mournful energy travels the land. The territories are no longer alive with colour and beauty. The bear is gone into hibernation, the turtle, too. The land is adjusting to her losses. These occurrences impact the human beings who are born at that time in both the spiritual and emotional realms.

Wouldn’t it be strange if the United Nations decreed that only people born in winter could become world leaders? What if only people born in summer were allowed to become teachers to our children? It wouldn’t fly very well, would it?

Having said that, each moon offers specific traits, all honourable, to the people born within the perimeters of their 28-day cycles. Winter people are more motivated by spirituality than people born in other seasons. They are quiet and gentle by nature. Spring people are curious and adventurous. They are risk-takers and their high energy level motivates them to work hard and succeed in life. Summer people are strong-willed, sensible, honourable and good team players. Autumn people are sensitive, passionate and kind. They tend to dwell too long on the shortcomings of the world around them. But the land, the seasons, the moons have much to say to you about why you process your thoughts the way you do.

I am writing a book on the subject of Birth Moons. Watch for it in October 2013.

Keep the Circle Strong,
Albert “South Wind” Dumont.

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  1. Rachèle Prud'homme says:

    Meegwetch Albert Dumont!

    I always enjoy reading you! I look forward to reading your next book on Birth Moons, maybe because I was born in winter!!!

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