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The Wonders of my Ancestral Land

Travelled by Greyhound to Toronto early on Wednesday morning. It was a beautiful day and the ride was leisurely. My reason for going to the “Big Smoke” was to speak about my poetry book Broad Winged Hawk at York University … Continue reading

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Birth Moons

Throughout the days of the year a powerful energy created by the seasons is constantly emitting from the land. Human eyes cannot see the energy but it rises from the land in the same way as smoke rises from smoldering … Continue reading

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Have an Honourable New Year

Happiness – who in their right mind does not want it? Chief Theresa Spence certainly does. She is willing to absorb a lot of pain and misery, to the point of placing her life at risk so prolonged happiness could … Continue reading

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The interfaith group I was part of for a year and a half is still going strong. Christian, Jew, Muslim, Sikh and most other faith groups were represented at our monthly meetings. The faith leaders were all of sweet and gentle … Continue reading

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