Carter, my Great-Grandson, Love Never Ends

Yesterday, June 14, 2023, I held for the first time my great-grandson, who is at this time, in bad physical shape at CHEO. In the hours that I held him, Carter and I travelled together to the wondrous places and experiences I keep in my heart and spirit. The account of where we went together is described herein!

South Wind

Carter, my Great-Grandson, Love Never Ends
by Albert Dumont ©

A sleeping innocent child
My blood, warming the vessels
Of his heart
His blood, flowing freely
In mine
I take him through the power
Of my spirit
To the rushing waters
Of my healing place
Where Creator touches him
With knowledge and wisdom
I speak to him
Of the Odeyimin (heartberries)
We see now, on the riverbank
Of Anishinabe Algonquin sacred land
And talk of the Odeyimin legend
And the purpose of a vow
I take him into the scientific miracle
Of the birchbark canoe
We float together in the wonder
Of its creation
On ancestral waters
Calm, pure, peaceful, joyful

Together, we listen
To the songs of leaf-bearing trees
To the whistles and chirps
Of birds, great and small
We hear the bark of Laddie
The loyal, Dumont family dog
Who brought such tremendous joy
To my childhood

We walk together barefoot
My great-grandson and I
On a tamarack needle-covered forest trail
We dance in the pouring rain
Our faces pointed
Towards the sky
To receive sacred waters
Into our opened eyes
We taste side by side
Hand in hand
The magic
Of all four seasons
The energy and inspiration
Of spring season
The beauty and abundance
Of summer season
The wisdom and colour
Of fall season
The peace and spirituality
Of winter season

We sing with happy hearts
Ancient healing songs
We feel the warmth of fire
That of the sun
And of a fire, burning
Where we sit, in its sacred circle
After the sun has gone to sleep
Carter’s face illuminated
The light, the one
Glowing spiritually in him
Builds ever greater
Because of the medicines
Of the stories I tell him
In the presence
Of cedar wood, I kindle
I speak to him
Of the love, honour and respect
I, as his great-grandfather
Have for his mother
I tell him, “celebrate little man
That your parents love you
More than all else
Of this world”
I speak to him of his bloodline
While far, far in the distance
We hear chanting and drumming
I whisper
Carter, Asin, Rock
They all love you
A sleeping innocent child
My blood, warming his heart

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11 Responses to Carter, my Great-Grandson, Love Never Ends

  1. Beth Smith says:

    What a beautiful journey you took with your Carter. Thank you for sharing it with us. Indeed…love is eternal…and never ending….Migwech…

  2. Doug Perrault says:

    Congratulations time with our young is very precious.

  3. Lise says:

    Dear Albert, I am sending you and Carter and all those who love him so much love and healing thoughts. Beloved child of all that is and ever will be…

  4. Jane says:

    A most profound yearning of love to share with an innocent child he is most honoured to have a Greatgrandfather who can speak without words to his wee heart feeling the love and your Spirit he must be overjoyed to lay in the safety of your arms and feel your everlasting love for him I wish you and him many blessings regards A Grandmother called Nokomis.

  5. Sylvia Harvey says:

    What a sacred, healing journey you have taken with your little one. Precious times like this will never be forgotten. He, and you, will carry the imprint of your shared love forever in your hearts. Many blessings, Sylvia

  6. Richard Lauzière says:

    My prayers are you all the way just as Iskotew lodge people supported me in my time of despairing for my first grand daughter who was in dire need of a blood marrow donor for her to live ,,May God be with you at all times
    An extremely grateful commissionaire

  7. Linda and Geordie says:

    🙏🙏❤️❤️you and your family is in our prayers, thoughts , everyday we hold your family in our hearts – beautiful beautiful boy .
    Linda Barbetta and Geordie Walker

  8. Rachel Gouin says:

    A moving illustration of intergenerational love.

  9. Jordan says:

    Wow, absolutely beautifully written! This is the most beautiful journey I’ve ever read, your Great Grandson Baby Carter is just perfect! Sending pure love and spiritual prayers to the family, they all mean the world to Us❤️!

  10. Lynr says:

    Dear Albert I know how strong is soul is coming from a grand father and greatgrand father Ernest! Love always Carter keep the circle strong!

  11. Sylvia Smith says:

    Dear Albert, your poem leaves me with such conflicting feelings. I’m returning to it because I need to. With Carter’s time on this beautiful planet nearing an end, the love and the faith you carry feels even more palpable for me now. Thank you for sharing these incredibly poignant words, words which paint pictures so vivid and inspiring that I can’t help but feel that Carter has already made a huge impact on our lives. Chi miigwetch.

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