Humour can still be found: even during a Pandemic

Dropped into a corner store today to purchase ‘The Citizen’ and was immensely impressed to see that the shop owner had hired a local to wipe things down in his little store. The employee held a cloth in one hand, a spray bottle on the ready in the other and was doing a fine job of generously spraying and then cleaning with gusto, doors, lids, countertops and display shelves etc. “You’re doing a great job,” I told him, “I’m going to recommend you for a raise.” “Thank you, sir,” responded the young man. Just as we were sharing a chuckle, the store owner was handing me my change (a 5 Dollar bill and coins). “Did you clean the money?” I asked the young lad. “No,” he answered. “I didn’t think to do that.” “Well,” I laughed, “if you do it, don’t let the coppers catch you doing it or your boss will be charged with money laundering.”

I see that the “Chocolatier” in Gracefield, QC still had his ‘ouvert’ sign lit up a day after only ‘essential services’ were regulated by the province to remain open. It makes sense, a lot of people are addicted to chocolate, which brings me to my next point.

Liquor stores are open for business, signalling that ‘fire water’ is accessible to the masses. Church doors are locked, telling us that ‘holy water’ is out of reach. I no longer need alcohol in my life but if I was still trapped in its deadly web, I would be grateful to have it close when I desired it. Holy water? There is hardly a time where I do not look at water and see something truly holy, truly sacred. Water is medicine!

I recently saw two teens, crouched down, searching the pavement, not for a miniature lost item and not for discarded cigarette butts. The youngsters were hoping to find ‘roaches’ (marijuana joints) thrown away from a space where young workers gathered, before their shift began or after it ended. The roaches the teens hoped to find would possibly supply enough pot for a joint of their own. This during a time when a highly contagious sickness is swallowing up the winds! So sad but true. It isn’t all that funny, is it?

Keep the Circle Strong,
South Wind (Albert Dumont).

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