Protecting Greenspace within the City’s Perimeters – It’s your Duty as a Human Being

Have you ever wondered if a tree feels the weight of a bird singing on even its smallest branch? The tree does not object in any way to the presence of a bird who enters its circle of spiritual energy nor does it cringe at the song it sings there. Let us always be mindful that the tree is as a pew of countless others in a grand cathedral (the world over) into which spirit is ever present. The tree delights in the presence of the bird, so much so that it sends forth its own voice to rise and sing in harmony with that of one filled with similar purity and innocence as its own. The tree welcomes all birds and critters who come to rest or nest on its limbs. Trees spiritually recognize that it is part of Creator’s instructions for them to be accommodating and gracious when ‘All their Relations’ come to them in a good way.

Trees are truly the most forgiving of all Creator’s beings. Human beings have felled trees, too often needlessly, and yet they return, growing again (if not paved over) to provide oxygen, shade, teachings, beauty, even into the lives of living entities, such as politicians and developers who have no respect for them.

The trees of Anishinabe Algonquin territory have suffered greatly in the past. Lumber barons acquired vast fortunes. A city was built! With industry and colonization, the ‘right’ for a tree to live with purpose and then to die a natural death was infringed upon. The notion of reconciling with trees for the abuse they have endured for many generations should be considered by the people of faith today. Why not? Where would Ottawa be without the sacrifice of trees?

Imagine you, a citizen of Ottawa, writing in your life’s journal about the actions you took to assure that a tree within perimeters of a city would be allowed to live and die a natural death. To tell of this to your future generations would be, I believe, one of the finest spiritual highlights in one’s life. Creator bestowed blessings and rights onto all things touched by a spiritual vision originating at a time long before human beings ever took their first steps upon the earth. Among all the things blessed by Creator, it’s the trees who stand out as beings who provide the most, bringing health and wellness so people could live and thrive on sacred Mother Earth. They are wise! They are forgiving! They are pure and oh, so very gracious! The moon and stars honour them. All things of the earth benefit from their presence.

Human beings today take the most important things of Creator’s touch for granted. Not many of us sing praises for the waters of our country. The sun shines and produces energy and wellbeing for all life of the earth but not many of us acknowledge it. Not enough of us honour the trees for their great contribution to the beauty, to the teachings, to their cleansing abilities. Trees need to be present. If they disappear, we will perish.

The spiritual world calls upon the faith leaders to step forward and at long last defend the rights Creator gave the trees to live long and with purpose. If a faith leader has any doubt on the position they should take regarding protecting trees, let them search their holy book for guidance. Faith leaders should never be regarded by their followers as being in league with the insanity of corrupt politicians and devious developers. Should such a day ever come to pass, we will be that much closer to being regarded by Creator more as robots, than as human beings.

Keep the Circle Strong,

South Wind (Albert Dumont)

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One Response to Protecting Greenspace within the City’s Perimeters – It’s your Duty as a Human Being

  1. Maureen Stark says:

    Yes dear friend. There would be and we would know no majesty without trees. We would know no dignity without trees, nor would we know beauty. The Majesty of trees is a sovereign power. Without trees, we have not the power to live. Without trees we have no idea what love is. Without trees, we know no stillness and therefore, know no wisdom. Without trees we have not be ability to perceive the purity of eternity. Trees are essential in the creation of all earthly forms of life itself. Though we often forget that our ability to receive and our ability to give depends on trees, there is nothing more satisfying or more tender than the love given to us all, freely by each and every tree.
    At this current time, in this so called global pandemic, we are the virus. Why do I say this? Because we are the ones killing the trees, the trees who have since the dawn of time been absorbing airborne viruses. Yes, trees. Trees are the ones that absorb and transmute airborne viruses and give us clean air. As a species, we have for more than a century now, been drunk on the financial the economic power of killing trees, committing genocide against trees . Helpless against our quest for convenience, trees can’t keep up with the irresponsible power of our ignorance. They can’t transmute enough viruses for us anymore. Especially the old trees, who do so much more. So, may we use this pandemic as a time out, and a time to end the senseless violence against trees. Let the trees live. Our own lives depend on us protecting trees, not killing them. And I dare say, our souls do too. In stillness, and solidarity with the trees,

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