Prayer Walk Ceremony

Though the February day was bitterly cold, I was feeling as if nothing could possibly remove the warmth my spiritual beliefs bring into my life each day of each season.

I found myself contemplating at length, all things connected to spirit, the forest had absorbed since the early days of its origins. The stunning wonders Creator had placed within the embrace of the forest: The songs of colourful birds, large and small, the snorting of the deer, the chatter of the leaves on a breezy summer day. I thought of all the trees who had lived long, given oxygen, provided nesting grounds for birds and critters, shelter, fragrance and medicine for us, the lowly human beings. I wondered about the mystery and the sacredness of the forest. I saw tall wild blackberry and raspberry stems sticking out of the snow, reminding me of the delicious pies they had brought to the feasting circle.

I thought of the strong women I have encountered in my life: my grandmother, my mom, my daughters, my grandchildren. I threw tobacco into the breeze for them. I thought about the waters, in the snow, the ice, the gum of the spruce, the sap in the maple. I gave thanks for the waters alive in my blood, my skin, my heart and organs and even in the coldness of the winter day.

“It’s a good day to be alive,” I said over and over again as I walked slowly out of the forest.

The ceremony I describe is one I do now and then. I call it my ‘prayer walk’. With Creator’s blessing I will continue to do so more and more and more for many years to come.

The Smile

I offer the smile
Of a human being
To you, o Creator
As an acknowledgement
Of my love for all
You bless me with, each day

The freshness and purity
Of a mountain wind
The perfection of the song
Sung by orange-breasted little birds

The energy and innocence
Of a happy child
The waters of a mighty river
Washing over ancient rocks
These things, bring forth
The smile
Of a humble human being

Keep the Circle Strong,

South Wind (Albert Dumont)

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