What I’ve learned from the Truckers’ Protest

If you connect the word ‘Freedom’ to your cause regardless of how committed you are to abusing the human rights of your fellow Canadian, you will get a free pass and get away with all manner of lawlessness in Canada’s capital city. The police won’t bother you! Hell, the coppers will give you high-fives and allow you to use their cruisers as photo booths. Conservative politicians will pose with you for selfies and bring you Tim Horton’s coffee and donuts. Pierre Poilievre who is making a political run to become the leader of Canada’s Conservatives called the protesters ‘the salt of the earth’. Many of the protesters on Parliament Hill are anything but! They are not even the salt on the frozen Highway 105 on a minus 30º day. The only comparison with salt they have going for them is the skin colour (Poilievre) of supremacist organizations leaders, who are funding the actions the rebels are perpetrating in Ottawa at this very moment.

The protesters say they care about freedom, but instead of a dove they bring with them, loud-mouthed bullies to intimidate law-abiding citizens on the city’s streets. Some of the convoy’s supporters will say, “Don’t paint us all with the same brush.” Sorry my friend, but when you are standing shoulder to shoulder with a bully, a statement is made about you. It tells the world that you are good with what your fellow freedom fighter (ugh!) is doing. If you were not, you would exit the stage! I know I would!

“F..k Trudeau” you say. Come on guys! Such statements prove you to be a bit on the childish side. If you don’t want Trudeau as your Prime Minister, I suggest you put your apparently excessive energies towards defeating him in the next federal election. Taking your hate for Trudeau out on kind-hearted people in Algonquin territory is a hard-to-forgive mistake on your part.

Have you (the salt-of-the-earth protestor) ever for a moment thought about what would have happened in the last two years if all Canadians saw the world as some of you do? A world where absolutely no one saw it fitting because of trust issues to get vaccinated! My goodness, what would the death toll have been in Canada, by allowing COVID to run rampant to crush Canada’s hapless healthcare system like a bulldozer on a bushel of apples?

I support a human being’s right to choose. I chose to get vaccinated only because that’s what made sense to me. Good and precious friends of mine chose not to get vaccinated. That’s what made sense to them. I am good with their decision. Some of the mandates make sense and some don’t. How about we vote for the politicians who made the most sense come election day? Until then let’s not scare the hell out of the innocent. They had nothing to do with your rights being infringed upon.

To the rebels I say this: The lives of your elderly family members, your friends, your neighbours, your fellow citizens don’t mean much to you, do they! The only thing that matters in your life is how you and you alone define what freedom is. When you don’t get your way, you throw a tantrum. By all means do so! Scream and jump to your heart’s content! But do not abuse the rights of the innocent when you do so. The people of Canada have a right to rest, to be at peace, to feel safe and secure. No one has a right to interfere or interrupt it. Tread softly on my rights dear ‘Freedom Fighter’. You can only push people like me so far.

Keep the Circle Strong,

South Wind (Albert Dumont)

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  1. Well said, Albert, and thank you for your words. The protesters think only of their own “rights” while trampling on the rights of others. If someone chooses not to follow the mandates, that is of course, their choice. But they do not have the right to expose me to the virus in the process of choosing. Time for them to go home. Actually, long past time. Who visits a friend’s house and disrespects it, the way they disrespect our home here? Why do they wrap themselves in the flag of a nation that they apparently want to secede from? There is no logic to what they say. All there is, is self-indulgence and lack of respect for anyone else.

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