Virtual Book Launch – Grandpa’s Wisdom – An Algonquin Reflection on West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease

Kwey dear friends,

Many of you are probably aware that I have recently released a new book for young readers. The book is already available for purchase on my website: You can view a copy on the Ottawa Public Health website:

“Grandpa’s Wisdom – An Algonquin Reflection on West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease” tells the story of Mahìngan, a young Algonquin boy who reaches out to his Mishòmis (grandpa) for guidance after knowledge of West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease come to his attention at school. Grandpa and Mahìngan spend a day together at the elder’s hunting cabin where the youngster’s fear of the insect carrying sickness is greatly diminished through the power of the old man’s teachings. Mishòmis also offers Mahìngan teachings on the value of insects and their role in nature’s life cycle. The story promotes culture, identity and why common sense should be present in all we do.

I am asking that you attend the virtual launch of my new book. Please be confident that it will be fun and entertaining. 

On November 29 at 7 pm I will speak to you about how the story came about and also reflect on the healing medicines we as human beings can access in any forest.

The book will be available for sale at the launch for anyone wanting to add my story to their book shelves.

Looking forward to talking to all of you on November 29.

All the best,

South Wind

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One Response to Virtual Book Launch – Grandpa’s Wisdom – An Algonquin Reflection on West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease

  1. Karen Gervais says:

    Hello, I am so excited to hear about this wonderful book and important topic. I was out picking medicines with a grandmother and we came in contact with ticks. The grandmother had one bite her, but found it very quickly and removed it. I had some on my clothing and took care of the medicines to be sure they were not on them. I wondered about traditional knowledge for ticks, lyme disease and west nile virus we hear less about lately. Looking forward to your launch Albert and as always purchasing your beautiful books to gift them as well. How do we join live?

    My Dad has been doing quite a bit of conservation work on the river up home that I think you would love to hear about, let me know when you have some time to chat about it! Much love and gratitude.

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