An Agenda of Hate – Michael Coren

Hate monger Michael Coren dished out another hate promoting column for the Ottawa Sun newspaper on Friday October 25. I am sure Ol’ Lucifer is real proud of Ezra Levant’s little lapdog for doing so. Coren, being a Christian convert, believes in the existence of the devil. This doesn’t deter him in the least, however, from writing hate-promoting trash. He extends his greedy little hand after putting the boots, through an editorial, to the First Nations Peoples, “Gimme my cheque,” he says to Ezra. The dollars are his alone for now, but after Coren’s hard, cold heart stops ticking, Satan will collect his due. Beware Coren, you won’t wiggle free before God when your life is reviewed. Cash means everything to people like Coren. Jesus had better not get between Coren and his ilk and their money lest he wants to experience another crucification.

In his latest tirade about the Elsipogtog Anti-fracking protest, ‘Let’s end the politically correct fantasy’, Coren states, “I am so sick and tired of First Nations activists’ self-pity, the saccharine sentimentality, and their sheer inability to be grateful for the great country Canada is.”

Man, in my 63 years of life I have never, and I mean, ever, met a First Nations person, activist or not, who wallowed in “self-pity” because of the many injustices heaped on him/her by Canada. That we do is a myth created by mean-spirited Canadians who see First Nations, children included, as vermin who interfere with the economic progress of this country.

Ezra Levant wrote a couple of months ago that “Indians” could learn something from the Jewish people who have struggled and been persecuted against and still have found success through their determination to get ahead. The thing is this though: Jews were first elected to political office in Upper Canada in 1837, whereas the First Nations were only given the “right” to vote in 1960. Things would be a lot different for First Nations today, if we had been part of the decision-making body in the Parliaments of this country since 1837.

I want Michael Coren to know that I am sick and tired of something, too. I become sick to the point of almost vomiting, when people like Coren tell me, a First Nations citizen, that I should be grateful to Canada. Grateful for what? Do you expect First Nations Peoples to be “grateful” that thousands upon thousands of Aboriginal children died of abuse and neglect in those horrible places called “Residential Schools”? All manner of abuses took place there. Perverts and mean-spirited people were kept on staff to prey on defenceless children, living far from their families and loved ones. Broken treaties and the theft of our lands and resources, we can get over those things, but the deaths and cruel abuses of our children? I will not get over it, not in a million years. Does Coren as a Christian, believe that Christ blessed the abuses which occurred at the Residential Schools? Is he not ashamed as a Christian? And be motivated by what Christians did to children and contribute how he can in the way of reconciliation. The type of people who nailed Christ to the cross were of the same type who allowed children, sick from disease, to die alone and afraid in their sick beds at Residential Schools. Let there be no mistake about it.

People like Michael Coren forget that the First Nations People have been abused and oppressed in Canada for over 150 years. Our recovery will not occur overnight. It will be a slow process. It may take a few generations before we are healthy again and living as God wished us to. But we need friends and allies to help us. If only those people who really understand the teachings of Jesus would come forward and denounce the frauds among them like Michael Coren. If they did, it would be a sign that the bible truly is capable of saving souls.

Keep the Circle Strong,
Albert “South Wind” Dumont.

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5 Responses to An Agenda of Hate – Michael Coren

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    As a follower of Christ, I for one denounce the approach and beliefs of Christians like Michael Coren. In fact, I hesitate at this time to use the word “Christian” to describe my beliefs because of people like Mr Coren. Many Conservative Evangelical Christian beliefs seem as far removed from the teachings of Christ for me as a belief system can be. I prefer instead to approach the stories of Christ from the perspective of what we understand of Jewish culture 2000 years ago. In my mind, people who hold perspectives like Michael Coren are little different from the Pharisees of Christ’s time – they stand in judgement of other people and cause deep hurt because of this. Jesus’ most scathing words are reserved for such individuals calling them “white-washed tombs” which “look nice on the outside but are filth and bones on the inside” and who mislead people and make them “twice the sons of Hell that you are”(my paraphrase).

    As a Settler in North America, I and many others appreciate the current role that Aboriginal movements like Idle No More are playing. The Indigenous people of Turtle Island are protecting the land, waters and sky for future generations. I wish this movement every success as it thwarts the mainstream economic movements which may destroy much of what myself and other Canadians hold dear about the land. Meegwetch!!

    • South Wind says:

      Hi Doug,

      Thank you for your words. I really needed to hear them.

      Hopefully, most Canadians would be sickened by the views expressed by Michael Coren in his rants. He is a religious fanatic who despises everything and anything Non-Christian. To denounce him is proper and I commend you for doing so.

      All the best,

      Albert Dumont

  2. Doug Gordon says:

    Glad my words were of help Albert. I do believe them to be a more accurate representation of Christ’s teaching. If you compare his words of frustration towards “the scribes and the Pharisees” in Matthew 23 there are so many parallels with the ways many Christians act today and historically. It’s almost as though the mental act of believing in a historical being named Jesus makes a person “saved” and this gives them licence to do as they please and behave in ways that do not exhibit the grace and kindness that Jesus saw the potential for in humanity.

    I see it very differently. For me, I believe I am called to enact the love of Christ each and every day. It is to be an ongoing act of building “God’s Kingdom” (using the term Jesus does in the Gospels) that both makes me a happier person and I think helps those who I rub shoulders with to feel that the world is not such a bad place after all. Some days I fail at enacting the call. Other days I don’t do too bad a job at it. All I know for certain is that when I live with this approach, my head rests more lightly on the pillow at night.

    When I consider how traditional aboriginal thoughts and beliefs fit with my Faith as Christ’s follower, I see it much as Charles Eastman did 100 years ago. He was a man well ahead of his time. He grew up Lakota until he was a young man, then entered white culture until his twenties when he returned to his people in the Dakotas to serve them as a medical practitioner on the reservation. He was a trained medical doctor and a follower of Christ who eventually returned to many of the beliefs and practices of his childhood because he grew to hate the two-faced behaviours of the white politicians of his day. He once wrote something like “I am convinced that the way I grew up and the way Christ taught people to live are one and the same.”

    Amen Charles.

  3. Ever sick that one… I cannot even look at ezra levants face either.

    Democracy and media :S

    • Doug Gordon says:

      I wish it was only sickness. Sadly it strikes me much more like ignorant values stemming from something deeply rooted in a system that believes some people are more important than others. There are lots of people who think that way. Fortunately I think they are becoming less common. If it is illness, it’s like a community-wide and eons long mass anti-social personality disorder!!!

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