Announcement: Grand Chief Polson Hunger Strike

Grand Chief Verna Polson has just announced that beginning at midnight on July 1, 2019, she will eat no food nor drink water until Algonquin Nation rights are respected on the territory of the Algonquin Anishinabeg. The Grand Chief stated publicly on CFRA 580 radio, Sunday morning at 8:10 am, June 30, 2019 that she is prepared to give up her health and even her life if that is what it takes to assure wellbeing and respect of her nation. I know her! I know she is serious!

The Algonquin homeland is being re-colonized all over again, by the AFN, the MNO and the ITK organizations. They step onto our ancestral lands without a word of acknowledgement or gesture of respect to the People who have resided here since time immemorial. Some of the leaders have even raised their voices in anger at our chiefs. Where do people such as this come from? They behave more like pirates and desperadoes than they do as leaders of Indigenous bloodlines. The leaders of the three organizations mentioned here are well aware of the protocol expected of visitors when they enter the lands of hosting nations. The leaders know that the host nation (in a situation like this i.e. the embassy, 100 Wellington St., Ottawa, ON on unceded Algonquin territory) must have a space in their circle. If the outside leaders are not accepting of this, then they need to vacate Algonquin territory immediately and find a home for their ‘embassy’ elsewhere.

The Grand Chief is going on a hunger strike. She is going to sacrifice much, to what end, I do not know. I am hopeful that the worst will not happen. A call is going out, for prayers, for encouragement songs in support of the Grand Chief’s cause. Please do your part!

Please share widely,
South Wind (Albert Dumont).

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9 Responses to Announcement: Grand Chief Polson Hunger Strike

  1. Colin Stuart says:

    Prayers and solidarity to Verna from Cienfuegos in Cuba. Back on the 5th

  2. Anne-Marie Hogue says:

    I will be there, Albert. I’ll come to the prayer meeting and will return again in the afternoon.

  3. Audrey Logan says:

    Land Acknowledgement statements Legally need to include people with treaties signed with the Crown and now Federal government. People use the word respect but do not understand what it means. This is an issue of International importance!

  4. Blackbird says:

    I pray for strength, you are a believer in our brothers and sisters,it takes more than 1 to get change going, that is why select leaders in our communities, no one steps up, it sad very sad, I pray it don’t take your health, I will pray and put sema down for u, come on sisters and brothers of your community, get your chief and council to make a move

  5. H.Renville, Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribal member. Prayers began being sent up immediately after we heard about the hunger strike. May the Great Mystery look upon this compassionate Leader and help her with the situation. Pidamaya/Thank You, H.Renvillle

  6. Margaret Mashford says:

    Prayers and solidarity to Verna from my home…Thank You for what you are brave enough to do….

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