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Kwey everyone,

I am presently making a big push to sell the remaining stocks of greeting cards I created a long while ago. There are 15 different cards in my collection. Poems of mine are found in 14 of the cards (only 1 is blank). The verses in the cards touch on numerous topics. They range from words of love and affection to a child of your bloodline and move forward to words of support for a loved one, hoping to find the strength to begin a life of sobriety. I am selling the cards for $10 per package (plus shipping cost). If you are interested, $10 gives you all 15 cards, a $45 value! Two examples of the poetry and artwork in the cards are as follows:

When I look at you

when I look at youWhen I look at you
I see a strong woman
Wise beyond her years

I see you dance with pride
And graceful movement
That quells my spirit’s fears

I see you bathe in the fragrance
Of the sweetgrass, the cedar and the sage
Earnest purifications of your being
To prevent an inner rage

I see you shun temptation
When the drum reaches to your ears
When I look at you
I see a strong woman
Wise beyond her years

Truest Friend

truest-friendIf your wish
Was to be a turtle
Then I would wish to be your shell
For already
I stand to protect you
Like a shield
That heartache could never bend

And if your wish
Was to be an eagle
Then I would wish to be the wind
That carries you to the highest peaks
Of peace and serenity
For I am
Your truest friend


I believe that this collection of cards will someday become a sought-after collector’s item. What do you say? Please click here to place your order (via PayPal) or send an email.

All the best,
South Wind (Albert Dumont).

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