It is spring! In forest dwellings, many a new heart will begin to drum before the Strawberry Moon (the first moon of summer) signals to this wondrous season of countless blessings that her time of service to Creator has finally come to its end. The hearts of bear cubs, deer fawns, wolf and coyote pups and those of a wide variety of birds will sing an ancient song and, together, will contribute to the spiritual greatness of spring. The land will stir and gently send forth her plea for all life of the forest to obey the instructions given to them by Creator. Over the course of its time the maple sap will flow, the rooster partridge will stand on a drumming log and send his energy into the welcoming forest, flowers will decorate the pathway, and great flocks of geese will blacken the sky.

Spring – there is no other time of the year more special! The first thunder strikes will fully awaken a re-energized and refreshed landscape. It is a powerful occurrence! The hiker in the forest at springtime can taste the season when a deep breath is taken into human lungs. Spring is a time of ceremony and prayer. To fast deep in the forest and contemplate life is such a natural thing for a human being to want to do. We should never take for granted what Creator has placed before us.

In the past, a human being might be drawn to go onto the land after the snow had melted away to partake in a ritual of thanksgiving for having been born with a human heart. One would stand, ankle-deep, in spring, river or lake water, a short length of cedar branch in hand. The cedar would be dunked into the water and then sprinkled onto the top of the individual’s head. “I awaken my mind to the blessings of Creator,” the human being would say. “May my thoughts be pure and peaceful, may I have the ability to give good counsel to my children, may my mind always possess the ability to reject hatred.” On it would go, and the mind was awakened to goodness and emotional health.

Next, water would be sprinkled over the eyes, words acknowledging the beauty of Creator’s domain would be spoken. The sunrises and sunsets, the colour of birds and flowers, beauty in the face of a loved one, all was acknowledged. The entire body of the human being was awakened in the way the life in the forest too awakes with the touch of water after its time of rest and sleep has come and gone.

Each season brings with it a rich healing energy. It will serve us well if we believe in it.

All the best,
South Wind (Albert Dumont).

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3 Responses to Spring

  1. Marie Lloyd says:

    My thanks to you for this reminder, including the cedar branch ceremony. I look twice at the cedars that surround me now.

  2. Sandra says:

    Standing on my balcony this morning, the damp earth in the rain smelled so good, almost like dark chocolate. Thankyou for your post reminding me to appreciate the gift of Spring, & be grateful for the birth & transformation underway.

  3. Carmen Contreras says:

    Simply beautiful …. Grounding thoughts to carry me through Spring! Thank you!

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