Death of Innocents

When innocent children are murdered, the spirit of Turtle Island mourns. Because children are sacred. And when they die, all else which is sacred, the season, the forests and all within it, the rivers and lakes, the mountains, all weep, mourning the loss of human beings who only had feelings of love and gratitude for all life around them. The Peoples of our homelands must stand spiritually beside the families whose youngsters were so grotesquely removed from their embrace in Newtown, Connecticut, USA. It hurts. Where do the parents who lost children in Newtown find the strength to push away any thoughts they have of what might have been on their children’s minds, in the final moments of life.

We must try, as difficult as it might be, to put ourselves into the mind space of a parent who lost a child in Newtown, to get a minuscule idea of what these tortured people are going through, and then we must pray.

Prayer is powerful. If these parents have any hope of healing, it will be the prayers of the good people around the world who will assist in bringing it to them. If you can, kindle a fire, offer tobacco and berries, sit in your circle and pray. Trust that what you do will help in a great way, because it most certainly will.

Keep the Circle Strong,
Albert “South Wind” Dumont




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3 Responses to Death of Innocents

  1. Monica says:

    Hello Albert
    Just another view of the Connecticut killing of those innocents; I experienced a mixture of grief & anger …. Anger at the stupidity of anyone who would commit such a crime & not be aware of the spiritual ramifications on his soul or being. I asked for guidance, for a higher perspective of what had unfolded & what came to me was that the young man who perpetrated this crime even in his unconsciousness was performing
    was serving a higher good as well as all those innocent young souls for Americans & many of us have as a result gone much deeper into the values we hold as a society not only the gun control issue. I remember reading somewhere that a man is known by the pleasures he seeks . We entertain ourselves with a lot of violent videos & tv etc
    We have forgotten our creator and our divine origins. We have much to remember .

  2. josh says:

    Migwetch Albert for addressing this subject and putting the perspective of the parents to the forefront, the real victims of the collective trauma and disconnect from the earth, humility, that makes things like this possible. When this happened I had been away visiting a mentally disabled uncle with the mind of a 14 year old who’s baby sister was taken from him and where lies and stigma got him put in jail for it. Before there were special places for handicapped people and he was moved, he was a boy in jail I won’t say more then that of his experience and trauma before the real criminal admitted his guilt.. but it has taken him 40 years to recover and be given some measure of freedom again, he was so damaged. And I see this on the tv when we arrive after a long drive, to a family friends where we would bring him to have dinner over the holidays because he is still so far away from his family where no one can visit him. Needless to say I am emotionally taken by all this and bothered by the culture of violence we are drowning in. I see what this person did in newtown as boring and too grotesque for words as far as what ever his intention might have been. It was hard to properly be there with my uncle after seeing the tv and all I could see was my uncles suffering because he lost not only a sister but 7 other siblings and a mother who is with the creator now before he could ever see her much again. Any suffering I ever saw from my grandma I knew was his suffering through an echoing canyon. And so it is hard to imagine what the parents are feeling now that their children are gone, what silent echos.. But my uncle is so strong and loving, more then any person I have ever met despite all he lost. So I know that a world where prayer is still close to our hearts, is one where our minds do not fear what is different and where we do not judge people for their limitations. Instead is a place where we can cherish our differences as gifts to each other and learn to empower those in need. So I needed to write and thank you for your posts you’ve been doing here, they are helpful.

    May they feel our prayers

  3. Bob Nesbitt says:

    Albert – thank you so much for your post. This tragedy has been like a knife in my heart and your thoughts have helped a lot.
    I volunteer in two grade one classes in Ottawa and the kids I teach are the exact same age as those poor children who were murdered in Newtown. It affected me so much I have had difficulty talking to others about it. Your words are calming to me and I thank you.
    Let us continue to pray for these children and their parents.

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