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A Request to the Freezing Moon

A fire was lit, bringing spiritual warmth and physical comfort to the people standing close to its welcoming flame. Tobacco from an honourable hand was offered to its coals and the fire, at that time, became sacred. The spirits of … Continue reading

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A Hawk Comes to Feast

In Ottawa on December 7, after helping out with some union work, I slowly and solemnly made my way to North River Road park to put some tobacco down beside a white birch tree. I did so to shed some … Continue reading

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With Spring Comes the Fast

I need spring to arrive! I’m longing for it much in the same way as I would for the sight and company of a dear friend disappeared from my life long ago. I want to feel the warmth of the … Continue reading

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The Kitigan Zibi Pow Wow

Under a circle of sacred cedar First Peoples singers Humbly awaken the voice of the drum Harmonizing with the hearts of good people While the eagle’s prayer Descends on the rays of the sun A circle of happy dancers Gently … Continue reading

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Chief Spence and the Sacred Fire

I had an awesome visit at Victoria Island today, January 16, 2013. The sun was warm and shining bright, not interfered with by even the smallest clouds. Large geese, unafraid of people around them, walked about like military brass inspecting … Continue reading

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Death of Innocents

When innocent children are murdered, the spirit of Turtle Island mourns. Because children are sacred. And when they die, all else which is sacred, the season, the forests and all within it, the rivers and lakes, the mountains, all weep, … Continue reading

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