Open Letter to the Community: Cards for Marlene

Dear Friends and Fellow Activists,

I say ‘Kichi Migwech’ to all of you who took that little bit of time out of your life to write a letter registering your disgust at how a mentally-ill Cree woman, far from home, is being treated at the Brockville Mental Health Centre, Forensic Treatment Unit. Marlene Carter’s human rights are non-existent. It is heartening to know somebody cares. Anyone who doesn’t should be ashamed of themselves. We are her voice and her only hope!

postcards-1174179_1920Two of Marlene’s supporters, one of them Missy Beavers, and the other, my granddaughter Kyrstin, are bringing greeting cards to the rally addressed to Marlene. What a fabulous gesture of support this is for Marlene! Let us all do this. You can write a short note inside of your greeting card letting Marlene know how much you care for her. Marlene will feel loved, cared for and encouraged. OK? Let’s do it!

If you know people who would like Marlene to know they care about her wellbeing but cannot attend the rally themselves, then please bring their card for them to the protest. Do not send gifts, place your card to Marlene in an unsealed envelope as she does not have a letter opener (!). I will bring them to her on my next visit.

All the Best,
South Wind

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One Response to Open Letter to the Community: Cards for Marlene

  1. Terry McKay says:

    Keep your spirits high.
    Long ago, our people had respect for everyone.
    Those that we did not understand, we were taught about.
    People are mistreating you because they don’t understand
    what is happening to you.
    Be strong!

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