Healing Heartache

As weightless fluffy flakes of snow slowly tumble from the windless sky to form their own distinctive layer on the already snow-covered frozen earth, I find myself in deep meditation of the heart beating in my chest. I marvel at the power of my heart in its amazing ability to receive or reject the music of life offered to it by the world we live in! The musical notes it can find harmony with, it allows to enter its domain, the notes “out of key” with its own song, it rejects! Over the course of our lives we demand much of our poor hearts. A heart beating in the chest of a human being who has suffered greatly, truly is a survivor in every sense of the word.

A young couple may enjoy many good and happy memories together but then something gives way in the relationship and “WHAM”, in a heartbeat it’s all over but the crying. Some might describe such an experience as “heartbreaking”. I’ve been there and I wouldn’t say “broken-hearted” would best describe what I went through! The feeling for me was more in line with imagining that the bottom of my heart had opened up and all the joyful memories connected to the person no longer in my life, came pouring out, like apples from a bushel basket whose straw underside had suddenly let go in the hands of a picker. The laughter we shared, the support and solidarity, the love and counsels, the intimacy and trust, all of it gone forever. I’ve felt as if my heart no longer existed, only a void remained where it had been. An empty space as big as the sky without even a small island within it where peace and recovery might occur.

Such a feeling is not unique to the ending of a relationship involving lovers, it is similar in many ways to what is felt when a dearly loved relative dies. A parent or sibling, a beloved grandparent, a death sometimes creates anguish so severe we’re left wondering if we will survive.

Creator has not left us helpless however, we do have the strength to eventually come to terms with the loss we have experienced and to pick ourselves up and continue to move forward with our lives. If ever there was a reason to bring spiritual beliefs into our lives, it is after our hearts have been left feeling empty and barely alive.

winter(1)Spirituality allows us to shed heartache no matter how many layers of it might exist for us. Like the snow falling now, it will have its place in the many other storms which will occur before spring arrives. But no matter the thickness of the snowbank at the end of winter, the new season will render it down until no sign of snow is left to knock us off balance. The heart recovers likewise!

Why am I writing such a blog? I’m not sure, it’s just the way I’m feeling today. Be kind to your hearts, feed your heart with prayers, nurture it with good songs. Blessings to all.

Keep the Circle Strong,
Albert “South Wind” Dumont.

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