Indigenous Spirituality is Precious: Faith Leaders Unite

Well dear readers, we’re on again for another peaceful walk. Let us walk in unity, as friends and believers of faith who care deeply about the spiritual and physical health of water and of all else which is good and peaceful in our circles. On June 23rd we will walk in the glow and light of all things held sacred by human beings the world over. Together, in solidarity with members of the region’s religious leaders and anyone else who wishes to join us, we will gather on Victoria Island (Booth Street entrance) at 10 a.m. on the morning of the 23rd. At precisely 11 a.m., Indigenous roots intertwined and locked as one with settler roots, shoulder to shoulder, we will march in prayer to the nation’s Parliament Buildings. Together, we will show the world that Indigenous spirituality is real and is as rich with the blessings of Creator as are all the other faiths practised by the citizenry who make up the population of Canada.

Rabbi Bulka said, “An attack on one faith is an attack on all faiths.” Let his words become the sacred chain, strong and unbreakable, which binds us as people of faith. Together, we must let it be known to the people of our communities that an attack on one faith’s sacred site is an attack on all our sacred sites. We all deserve a holy place to feast our dead, to pray for our sick and wounded, and to reassure those who have lost their way that to have faith can overcome all things destructive to one’s emotional and spiritual health. Please promote this walk far and wide!

Keep the Circle Strong,
South Wind

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8 Responses to Indigenous Spirituality is Precious: Faith Leaders Unite

  1. Sharon Moon says:

    Hi Albert,

    I plan to be there. I wanted to have a conversation with you about your initiative with faith leaders and how it is going. Is there a time we could get together for coffee or a phone call?

    Sharon Moon

  2. debra huron says:

    Dear Albert, Thank you for continuing to raise this, and thank you for urging people to walk together in support of an Indigenous vision for the islands and the river. I will be there!

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  4. Colin Stuart says:

    Thank you Albert
    Have circulated and will be there.

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  7. Hi Albert,

    Thank you so much for your kind and clear leadership on this. I will be there and we will share it on our Gallery 101 FB pages.

    Peace and Love, Laura

  8. Theresa says:

    I will be there. I am sharing the event with family and friends.

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