Thank You: Funding Faith is Peace

Awesome news!

The request I made for help in paying off costs incurred from the immensely successful June 23rd ‘Faith is Peace’ walk has now been surpassed. Thank you so very much for your generosity (cart wheels and high 5’s can now begin. Let’er go!) Any overrun of cash donated by you will go towards next year’s walk. It will be deposited into the Free The Falls group’s bank account, kept safe for next year. I hope this is OK with all of you.

The folks who generously contributed are:
Pamela Schreiner, Rachèle Prud’homme, Katy Tanguay, Barbara Dumont-Hill, Marie Myers Lloyd,Janyce Elser-Ethier, Marc Snelling, Nikolas Guttler, Susan Murdock, Sylvia Smith. Diana Douglas, Annie Smith-St. Georges and Robert St. Georges, Lise Leggate, Sharon Moon, Yvon Cyr, Rachel Langevin, Claudette Trudeau, Jeannette Fraser, and four anonymous donors.

I really want you to be fully aware that your generous gesture will not be forgotten by the Faith is Peace team and by the medicines of your faith and spirituality. If Akikodjiwan is eventually saved from destruction (I firmly believe it will be), your kind and wise heart will have played a vital role in its salvation. From the bottom of our hearts, the elders involved say to you, Kichi Migwech and God bless.

South Wind

PS – Julie Comber also expresses her thanks to those who contributed to the earlier campaign: Arif Jinha, Janyce Elser-Ethier, Pamela Schreiner, Catharine Johannson, Anne-Marie Hogue, Maria-Helena Pacelli, Rebecca White Raven, and two anonymous donors.

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