Funding the “Faith is Peace” Walk

Dear Readers,

Faith Leaders and Big Drum, 23 June 2017. Photo credit:  Dr. Peter Stockdale

Faith Leaders and Big Drum, 23 June 2017. Photo credit: Dr. Peter Stockdale

The “Faith is Peace” walk was for me “prayer in motion.” I think we can all agree on that! Each step taken, proclaimed to all spirit of Creator Land that all religions and faiths in the Ottawa Region now stand as one against hatred, against division and against any individual who defiles or desecrates any of our sacred sites. It was good to walk in peace and in love for all!

But as it is with all things good, there is always a little something of a drawback to deal with. Bills need to get paid. We were very fortunate to have the generous support of Maurice Switzer and Andrée Cazabon. Maurice emceed our event, travelling from North Bay to do so. He donated his time, energy and talent to our cause. Andrée did the trench work, out of the limelight, with grace and fortitude. What an amazing young woman and leader she is!

Shelley Steele from Heartspeak filmed the entire event and quickly released clips of faith leaders reading their statements. Migwech for her good work! For a playlist featuring all six videos, click here.

There are many others who donated their great gifts in communications and areas of administration. This walk would never have occurred if not for Judith Matheson, Maureen Stark, Debra Huron, Pamela Schreiner, Daniel Stringer, Peter Stockdale, Janyce Elser, Anne-Marie Hogue, and Ravinder Roberts-Dunsmoor. I believe the Freeing Chaudière Falls and its Islands (AKA Free the Falls) group deserves the biggest applause. This dedicated circle of precious human beings gave of their time, talents and even money (the group paid for the great sound system) to make our event one we will remember with enormous fondness far into the years to come.

There are other bills which must get paid, too. The Big Drum from Pikwakanagan and the travel expenses of elder Rose Wawatie and up and coming leader Shannon Chief. Costs for this amount to a total of $720.

Could we have had the success we did without the tireless Julie Comber looking after admin. and other concerns for us? I don’t think so. Julie was the Coordinator of the Faith is Peace organizing committee, and we want to give her an honorarium.

Grandmother Jane Chartrand and myself are requesting that folks “pass the hat,” so to speak, and pay these bills. We launched our GoFundMe campaign (click here for the link). Please contribute there for the costs of the walk. If funding is not forthcoming, it will mean that the elders involved will have no choice but to absorb these costs. Not fair!

We will keep you posted as to how the people respond. If donations surpass the amount needed for bills, the extra funds will go towards next year’s walk.

In peace and solidarity,
South Wind

PS – Contribute if you can, and please share our campaign widely!

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