Akikodjiwan Lives, Now And Forever: A Call To Action

Is the soft, rich earth under our feet sacred? Indeed it is! So too are the circles of the sky, the sun and moon, also the wind our children take into their lungs and the waters which flow before a birthing occurs. All of these things are truly special in the eyes of the eagle.

Weak and unsure of life at the time my sobriety began, I searched aimlessly to find a healing place. At last, I found it where the waters fall over the ancient rock of a small, obscure river. Slowly but surely, the songs sent forth from the water at that sacred place, washed away from my aching spirit, all the filth my severe addiction had placed upon it over those many wasted years of my alcohol-fuelled life.

chutes_chaudieres_3E_0Some people teach us today that sacredness exists in many places, that Akikodjiwan (Chaudière Falls) is not necessary as a place of rejuvenation and healing. They point to places like the one where my sobriety began and say, “Healing occurs there, too.” To me, comparing the small falls where my recovery began to the spiritual grandness of Akikodjiwan is like the comparing of a single needle from the branch of a majestic pine to the wonder and greatness of the entire tree itself. Akikodjiwan stands alone as the one true leader of all healing places in Anishinabe Territory. Let there be no doubt or confusion about it!

If there are Algonquin chiefs who fail to understand this, it would not discourage me all that much. You see, the chiefs are responsible for their own spiritual journeys as I am for mine. The chiefs have no authority to interfere with the right Creator gave me to embrace a spirituality placed on Turtle Island since the time of our creation. No chief, nor politician, nor developer, nor any amount of money can take that right from me nor from anyone else. The right to freedom of religious expression cannot be toyed with. Even Canada’s Constitution protects it. Even the United Nations defends it. The chiefs who would block the Peoples of Turtle Island access to Akikodjiwan need to back off at least until all the voters they represent know full well what is spiritually at stake here.

As emotionally troubling as it is, there are human beings among us who believe that ‘spirit’ is no longer present at Akikodjiwan. (I’m serious.) Driven out they say, by industry and pollution. But the fact is and always will be that the so-called ‘Almighty Dollar’ itself will never possess the strength to chase the spirits of our ancestors from our most sacred site. Only the People can do so by rejecting the fact that we too are entitled to our own spiritual beliefs. When we no longer call out to them (the spirits at Akikodjiwan) during our time of need and when we find ourselves in a time of sorrow, the songs at Akikodjiwan will then only be heard by the animals of the field and by the birds of the sky, soaring over our once perfect homeland. The Almighty Dollar will finally have conquered the People and will rule over us brutally and ruthlessly, and without conscience. Our ways will be lost, existing only as shadows or caricatures of something which had served human beings so well in the past before the arrival of money and technology.

I give fair notice at this time: I intend to initiate a class action lawsuit, ASAP, against the NCC, Catherine McKenna, the Governor General of Canada and Justin Trudeau for their failure to do what is right and for their roles in continuing the genocide of the First Nations Peoples. If Akikodjiwan is further defiled by the erection of condos and by commerce upon it, the people and institutions named above will pay dearly for their part in allowing it to happen. This is my promise!

I call for a peaceful protest march to be organized in the near future, led by the city’s faith leaders. The faith leaders would take their place at the forefront of the protestors to prove their recent claim that “an attack on one faith is an attack on all faiths.”

If a developer dared to give notice to the rabbi, the imam, the priest or minister, and informed them that their house of worship would be ripped down regardless of their protest and be replaced by condos, I would stand with the faith leaders in their opposition to such an outrage. I would donate time, energy and resources to protect their sacred place. I would do so, boldly and without fear of political repercussions. I expect the faith leaders of Ottawa and of the world to do the same for me. The original People will fight to return the faith and spirituality of our forbearers back again to assist us in our recovery as Anishinabeg nations.

Keep the Circle Strong,
South Wind

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5 Responses to Akikodjiwan Lives, Now And Forever: A Call To Action

  1. Lynn Gehl says:

    Chi-Miigwetch Albert. I will bring the Sacred Pipe I made to your peaceful protest march. The Sacred Pipe is the ultimate Anishinaabe symbol, ritual, and ceremony of truth and reconciliation. Creator gave it to First Woman’s son before the rest of humans came to the Earth. It is intended to generate peace and love within all relationships. Power to our sacred traditions and the Pipe. The argument that all land is sacred is a pitiful excuse to further destroy a particularly sacred place. It is unfortunate that through practices of cultural genocide many Algonquin are unable to rationalize this. The rituals of capitalism has polluted too many minds and hearts.

  2. Joe Pouliot says:

    I stand whit you let me know when and where I will be there. Niawa.

  3. Marlene Souliere says:

    I’m standing with you

  4. Dr JE Bateau-Nowak says:

    Though I most whole-heartedly agree with everything you have written, I am troubled by one thing that you say. I am not so sure that the spirit of the place, of any place, even at Akikodjiwan, can be driven out just because the People reject it, or because the People choose to vote on what happens to that land. The Power of our Mother Earth does not die simply because people choose to make a vote to do or not do something. Look at what is happening in places like Detroit Michigan in the USA, where the “Almighty Dollar” chased itself to it’s so-called logical conclusion, so that now much of it is abandoned and destroyed, whereas it was once covered by homes filled with the white people. It is now turning back to farm land, or back to nature, as it once was, now that those homes are no longer standing. Now that the “Almighty Dollar” has destroyed all that stood there. They may build what they want, but the truth is, it will never stand there, if the land is strong with the Spirit of the place. I support your efforts to take legal action against them, since this is all that they understand. They have never thought that we would learn to use their own system against them. Or that we, being “noble savages”, would be intelligent enough to learn their ways also, while still maintaining our own values, & be able to use their own methods against them. Go forth & fight the good fight. I will follow it, & do anything I can in support of it.

  5. Hi Albert

    It is time the flood of 2017 the pain and trauma of citizens losing homes due to people invested in money rather than living from their indigenous hearts that has led our culture to become disassociated from nature and the deep spirituality of all our indigenous peoples. We must to be fully human remember our own ancestors and our own indigenous hearts to feel and to listen deeply to see: that where in the wind we experience being fully connected to Spirit and love the energy that empowers us to feel and to care for each other and for nature. Beyond the pain of fear, hate or greed at any cost we see compassion growing as neighbors see it is time to walk in solidarity now to care for the land and waterways of Mother Earth. And for each other.. that governments the people we elect to be our voice must be held accountable as we all walk in peace led by our religious spiritual leaders like ourselves. All citizens who care whose pain has become the compassion we all in these times of great Climate Change need to feel so we can rise up in hope beyond pain. To be the actions walking together to take positive constructive actions towards changing the way we treat each other and the Earth and water.. To respect all is sacred, water, earth, wind to live from deep gratitude and respect. That we as One Earth’s peoples politically and legally all citizens need to rise up as One voice to say enough to rezoning sacred land and waterways for profit.. they must be cared for and stewardship is a response ability for all citizens to walk in solidarity with our First peoples leaders such as Elder Albert Dumont and all religious spiritual leaders of Canada and the world as they pray and walk together with political leaders such as Elizabeth May and other conscious leaders will see this Mother’s Day the full realization of Standing Women’s initiative to invite all citizens of Earth on May 14 at 1:00 pm to 1:05 pm local time to visualize the new world we all see as being a world and Earth where all children thrive! So to with Elder Albert Dumont may we all walk on one cause.. to give a message to all politicians that Canadian citizens will elect and support all leaders who put the land and water of sacredness and respect back into the hearts and lived experience of all Canadians. To be the vision of A Culture of Peace and A Circle of all Nations that the late Algonquin Spiritual Leader Grandfather William Commanda saw for his people and all citizens of Mother Earth all of us inclusively called to care and to walk together in peace, hope, love and compassion for each other and our One home to live the sacredness of peace mutual equality and respect is to pass this legacy on to all future generations. Then all our children and future children’s children will indeed thrive. Thank you Elder Albert Dumont and Elder Douglas Cardinal and Grandmothers and Clan Mothers world wide for inspiring us to light this the eighth fire of right relationship in these turbulent times is opportunity to change and to grow as One Universal Spiritual Humanity. ” We are the One’s we have been waiting to meet!”Hold space in your hearts and envision this to our new shared humanity the power of love for all to thrive!

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