Chief Theresa Spence – They Call Her a Terrorist

The Indigenous Peoples of this land are the first of Canada’s founding nations. As Aboriginals we are fortunate that Kichi Manido (God) saw fit to place us here and to trust in us that we would forever be “keepers of the land”, wherever our territories are found in this country.

Flags at Camp Spence, Victoria Island, 5 Jan 2013. Photo: ©

My heart swells with pride when I see so many decent people come to this country from all other corners of the globe to assist the Aboriginals in bringing health and well-being to all things alive on the land. Millions of people come to prosper and better their lives here, to take a place on the fertile land and to benefit from what the rich resources of the land are able to provide, things such as the best schools and hospitals. These resources that make this country great were not brought here by the Europeans. The resources were already here, and were being cared for by the Indigenous peoples. It is such an awesome country. There never was a settler or colonizer who ever set foot on this continent that did not wish it was their people who had been the first people here. Some people without indigenous blood in their veins envy us so much that they have adopted our identities. They have rejected their own and lift the pipe in ceremony as if they were truly Aboriginal. But this a story for another day.

We are loved by many Canadians because of the fact that it was our gentle breath which was first felt on this continent, by all other life living here. Our steps were soft on the Earth. But way too many Canadians are not happy that we were here before them. They believe we are in the way of progress (or what I call “Development and Destruction”). Instead of honouring and respecting us, they despise us. They want to keep us down and will stop at nothing to do it. Residential schools are a good example.

Canadians who hate us call Chief Spence a terrorist and a crook. And through their severe distortion of the facts they would have you believe she is also a fraud, a phoney and a charlatan. They present her to their followings as a bullheaded woman, refusing the kind and understanding hand of a far too generous government. And the hatred grows against Chief Spence like the snowbanks of winter with each recent view seen or heard by people who need hate in their lives.

The white men who attacked a young First Nations woman in Thunder Bay did so and said so, according to the victim, because of the hatred they have for Aboriginal people. The hate machines of Canada produced a violent attack by cowards against a woman. The hate mongers will deny the part they played in the attack and will sleep the sleep of innocent angels tonight. We can only hope and pray that the hatred being promoted does not bring about greater violence against our women.

There were so many who wanted to visit Chief Spence on Saturday, 5 Jan, that she could not see them all and made an unexpected brief appearance outside to greet people. Photo: ©

Chief Spence is not a terrorist. Who would look at her and say that she is? A beast with a heart of plastic who has no love for the trees and creeks and hills and no regard for the wellbeing of the generations to come would indeed see her as a terrorist. A man who is terrified at the thought of not having someone he can point to and say, “I am superior to them”, would also see her as a terrorist. These people are terrified of doing something honourable. You figure it out. I cannot. If you do, let me know!

Canadians who do not understand just how precious the waters of our country are and/or feel that they, as white people, are superior to Aboriginals need to search their souls for answers.

Please continue in your prayers for Chief Spence as she gallantly continues her peaceful protest.

Keep the Circle Strong,
Albert “South Wind” Dumont.

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