Does a Hate Monger Know Anything About Honour?

An emotionally half-baked colonizer suffering from “Am Superior To – You” (AST-Y), a nasty virus now plaguing Canada in epidemic proportions recently said, “It´s time to dismantle the Indian Act and to do away with Indian reserves”. He advised that Northern reserves “with no economy” be “razed” and the people living there go south. This guy had all the answers for what should be done with us brainless “Indians”. AST-Y had him in a death-grip, poor fellow.

Parliament Hill from Camp Spence 9 Jan 2013

View of Parliament Hill from Camp Spence on Victoria Island. Will PM Harper listen and act honourably on Friday 11 Jan? Photo: ©

You might as well expect the trees of our territories to pull themselves free of the earth and then walk on their roots to where the government of Canada wills them to go, as to expect the same from peoples who have lived in their territories since time immemorial. Like the trees we were placed here by the Creator. No man – white, black or yellow – will ever remove us from the lands we love.

There is a lot of talk right now about the audit recently completed at Attawapiskat and people are expressing their opinions in regards to the report. Hard-hearted colonizers are looking for the nearest lynch rope because of it. But Chief Spence is not a crook.

I wish folks suffering from the AST-Y virus were as interested in putting the original treaty made between the Cree of Attawapiskat and the Crown under their microscopes as they are about scrutinizing the band´s books. It would give them a clear view at last of just how treacherous and dishonourable their governments, past and present, were and are in their dealings with the First Nations.

Most Canadian citizens are unable to even imagine (not that they want to) what it has been like to walk in the moccasins of a First Nations person for the last 150 years. If Canadians want to be genuinely proud of their country, they need to have a pure understanding of the words “treaty” and “honour”, and to know that the definition of these words is what must intertwine with the sacred threads of this country´s soul. Whoever removes honour from a treaty made between nations is nothing less than a pirate and a cut-throat.

It´s as if the thought of finally doing something honourable has driven the hate mongers over the edge. They have scratched the bottom of their filthy bag of tricks but are not able to come up with anything original. So they rehash and recycle the same old racist B.S. their hate mongering ancestors began almost 150 years ago. The only difference is that the hate mongers of the past demanded that the First Nations be placed on reserves. Today, the hate mongers are demanding that the government do away with reserves. When will they make up their minds, or do they even have the ability to do so in areas affecting the First Nations?

I humbly make a request of all decent and honourable Canadians that we stand with Chief Spence in prayer to ask God to remove hatred from the hearts of all peoples living on the ancestral lands of the First Nations.

Keep the Circle Strong,
Albert “South Wind” Dumont.

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2 Responses to Does a Hate Monger Know Anything About Honour?

  1. I stand with Chief Spence and all of the First Nations people and their leaders. To do otherwise is to join with those who have no love for our home, Mother Earth. Many of us are looking to our First Nations to stay strong. We are with you and we recognize that the First Nations peoples have a strong claim to their lands and beyond. We are all part of the circle of life whether we know it or not; whether we accept it or not. So now is the time for all of us to act in the interests of restoring and preserving the land for all of our peoples and the sentient beings with whome we share it.

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