Imagine 60%

According to a recent poll, 60% of Canadians believe that the First Nations themselves are responsible for the misery and dysfunction found in their communities. This tells me that 60% of Canadians are a pretty hard-hearted bunch. What must they whisper about me to each other, this 60%, when I’m out of ear shot, I wonder. Nothing nice.

Would this 60% have survived what an oppressive, nazi-like society threw at them in the same way the First Nations have? I doubt it. Imagine the 60% being removed from their parents to attend Residential Schools often run by sadists and perverts. Imagine if they were thrown in jail for 90 days for the crime of praying the way our people were. Imagine not having the right to legal representation until after the Second World War. Imagine not being given the right to vote until 1960. A hard-hearted bunch like the 60% cannot even imagine these things happening to them. We can imagine it very well because we lived it and survived it. We are still here and it is only because we are so strong of will and so strong of spirit that we are still here, intact and ready to fight for our rights. The 60% had better stand aside because the First Nations and the 40% of decent Canadians who stand with us are coming through (in a peaceful way) as we make our way to a life as good as yours.

The 60% will no doubt oppose the honouring of our treaty rights, the sharing of the wealth. I say this to the 60%: We do not want tax dollars, not yours, not mine, not those of the 40% of decent Canadians. Honour the treaties and the First Nations will do just fine. And the environment? It will do just fine, too. Mother Earth will be looked after with great care, if we have any kind of say in it.

Keep the Circle Strong,
Albert “South Wind” Dumont.

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