In Defence of the Sacredness of the “Kettle of Boiling Waters”


A place to offer tobacco near Chaudière Falls.

I sometimes feel an ache in the centre of my heart. It is not because of blood trying to squeeze itself through arteries clogged by the over-abundance of fat in my diet that the pain shows itself!

The ache in my heart is born when I experience negative emotional interaction with people who, I believe, would if they could, remove the sun from the sky and hide it in a cave to be held prisoner there by them until the rest of us saw the world through their own narrow-minded lenses.

Recently, I responded to a reader’s comment on my blog “The Kettle of Boiling Waters”, who demanded that I stop ‘claiming’ this region as Algonquin territory. According to him, what I was saying was ‘fictitious’. Then another reader jumped in to say she had a ‘huge problem’ with me ‘claiming’ to be an ‘elder’ and pushing forward ‘the European His-story’.

I want to make it as clear as the waters of the many pristine springs deep in the hills of my ancestral homeland that I am not ‘her’ elder, and never did I say I was. In fact, I never set out to be known as an elder! If there is an individual living in my homeland who regards me as an ‘elder’ then I will do my utmost to be this for you when you approach me with tobacco and make a request of me. I, as a human being who has reached the winter of his years, will be duty-bound to help you overcome a crisis impacting you emotionally and spiritually to the best of my ability. To those who do ‘not’ regard me as such, Godspeed to you. I wish you well just the same as you move to conquer the demons which trouble you.

The reader in her criticism of my blog also attacked my Chief, Gilbert Whiteduck, as an ‘employee of the Federal Government’ who is ‘dividing’ the people.

It really does bring a big ache into my heart to read her words. Chief Whiteduck is an honorable man. I have never known anyone in all my life who does not define the word “honour” stronger than he. My Chief works for the people of this territory. The original inhabitants, whether they are human, bird, animal or fish, whether they are the waters of our rivers and lakes or the grand trees, the Chief speaks for all when confronting the governments about the ‘rights’ all have to live and thrive within the boundaries of our ancestral lands. There are so many people in this area who despise Chief Whiteduck and who wish he really was ‘an employee of the Government of Canada’. If he were, they could fire him and he would no longer exist as a thorn in the side of governments who work to exterminate our rights as First Peoples. They then would feel free to continue to rape the land unopposed until nothing is left. If all chiefs in Canada were as committed and dedicated to ‘truth’ and rights as Chief Whiteduck is, everyone and all things would benefit and Canada would truly be a beacon of light all other countries could look to for guidance.

I have heard Mr. Jason Arbour speak of his belief that this region is Mohawk territory. I do not believe it is. This region is not only Algonquin land but further to this, it is a place of great spiritual significance to us (Algonquins) as well. I have never demanded that Mr. Arbour ‘stop’ claiming this territory as his own as he did to me in his response to my blog. In my opinion, his words to me were neither graceful nor honourable. Mr. Arbour can claim the land as his own if he wants. I however, reserve the right to disagree with him in a respectful way.

To make quarrel over this is foolish. Can we not just join hands in a circle and together give thanks that we live here in this wonderful place of healing and prosperity?

Mr. Arbour and Ms. Duchene and anyone else are welcome to pay homage to the land as Mohawks. Nobody will attempt to stop them! In turn leave us (the Algonquins) in peace to do the same in our own way.

Keep the Circle Strong,
South Wind.


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6 Responses to In Defence of the Sacredness of the “Kettle of Boiling Waters”

  1. Chantal says:

    Hi Albert, thank you for sharing. It is unfortunate that these people don’t see how pure at heart you are, and how much we can learn from eachother and nature! I myself a white person learned so much from aboriginal people from different tribes and the most important thing is that none of you were judging and all had one point in common the love and respect of nature and all were so thankful of our surroundings, and all are willing at all cost to protect nature in order to preserve it, because without the nature we would die. So yes what you’ve wrote that I did copy again below is so true, and you are a man of love, and stay that way! Also we have to remember something important, is that we make our own hell, so that person decided to fill himself with hate and is trying to poison our mind, but if we let it go just like you did, the poison comes back to that person to haunt them. He’s trying to prove something, but the truth is, that theirs nothing to prove but we have so much to be thankful for and to cherish and only when humans can walk hands in hands we can all work together and leave peacefully, this is our mission i believe.

    Take care, sincerely,


    “… this is foolish. Can we not just join hands in a circle and together give thanks that we live here in this wonderful place of healing and prosperity?Mr. Arbour and Ms. Duchene and anyone else are welcome to pay homage to the land as Mohawks. Nobody will attempt to stop them! In turn leave us (the Algonquins) in peace to do the same in our own way. “

    • South Wind says:

      Hi Chantal,

      Kichi Migwech for your comments. They are most welcome!

      I have been involved in numerous causes initiated to bring healing for people and to defend the rights of members of our extended families (environment) to thrive and do well in their natural settings. Many times Mr. Arbour has appeared at gatherings and circles, not with words of blessings for its success but to unleash his own personal agenda. Such individuals can be seen as agents of disruption. If a good cause gets derailed because of their agenda, it’s all the same to them or so it seems.

      Sensible people like yourself will not be fooled by distorted realities, and I am grateful for that.

      God bless you,

      Albert Dumont

  2. wow ..I have been reading messages back and forth and I am very discourage….We are trying to save a Sacred land from being exploited…..I could not believe the first email claiming the land and I respectfully was very happy with Albert’s answer….

    I wish people would just work together, who cares about who is who and what is what….we are taking about our mother, the one that give us her love unconditionally, that feeds us, put clothes on our back and roof over our head, we are talking about a very sacred space for many people, Algonquin, Metis, Cree, Ojibway, Wendat, Mohawks, Innu, Inuit, non-aboriginal…we need to come together and respect one and other…will this war between Algonquin and Mohawk ever end, don’t you see that the government strives on this war, they are counting on it to divide the people, the same as what they did when they invaded us, can’t you all see what is going on here we are defeating the purpose. Let us remember the main focus and I do not believe that it is to know who owns what, but how to protect it…there is no need for disrespect; an elder understands that our history of colonization has left many of us hurting and afraid. An elder will not manipulate our hurt and fear, but will help us to see that we can overcome it together. An elder has a vision for a better and more peaceful community. An elder lives in such a way to make this community happen. An elder recognizes that his or her strength comes from a long line of ancestors and their accumulated wisdom, an elder is always learning. A person becomes an elder in his community when an elder or the community calls him or her an elder. I believe that Albert has earn that right. I also believe that a person can be an elder or a grandmother or grandfather in his own community and may not always be recognized as such in other community, but that elder or grandmother or grandfather will not make any claim or will not ask for recognition but will automatically earn that respect because of who he or she is.
    Albert may not be MY elder but I have much respect for him and I would invite others for the same…As for Gilbert Whiteduck, he is a good man and I also have lots of respect for him, he has done a lot for his community and has shown on several occasion to be a man of the people.
    Now can we please come back to the main focus and help save the Chaudiere Falls and our Sacred space for the better of all Nation and unite as one heart, one mind, one Poigan, one nation one Mother Earth.
    Chi migwetch Aki Songideye Ikwe, Mikinik dodem

    • South Wind says:

      Kwey Kwey Francine,

      Kichi Migwech for your comments.

      Your words are very moving and humbling for me to read. I want you to know that I intend to take your entire testimonial and have it framed. I will treasure these good words of yours for the remainder of my life. Your words will lift me up when I am down and discouraged by negative occurrences in the community. Your statement contains healing power for me! Thank you, merci, migwech.

  3. admin says:

    Dear Readers,

    We would like to remind you that there is a policy on comments on blog posts:

    Thank You!

  4. Julie Comber says:

    Dear South Wind,

    Thank you for this blog post. Thank you for all your good work. The Kettle of Boiling Waters is a sacred place. Let’s work together to make sure that any development of the area, such as Windmill Development Group’s current proposal, will respect this sacredness. I hope and pray we can all remain focused on a common goal: to honour and protect our Mother Earth for all our relations and for future generations.

    Keep Shining,

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