Chief Spence: A Peaceful Protest

Indeed, we are living in extraordinary times. The wonders in solidarity unfolding before us have created an energy in the First Nations that will stay with us until death. Our souls sing with joy. There is no turning back. The demands and expectations of the grassroots people must be met. And it will be done in a non-violent way.

Chief Spence has, from the beginning of it, declared the stand she is taking to be a peaceful protest. The human heart knows that peace is what will always work best. A friend of mine said this after hearing one of the chiefs talk of “warriors” being at the ready, “The moose hunter who walks through the forest making a lot of noise will never bag a moose.” I see the wisdom of her words.

A galaxy of tears of pride have been shed by our Peoples because of Chief Spence’s dedication and commitment to the Idle No More cause. The dishonourable and the hate mongers among us are on the run. The pride of the First Nations is something people who promote hate will never comprehend. It makes them afraid. In the depths of their subconsciousness they believe the First Nations are not even entitled to have pride in their hearts. The problem would be quickly solved if the people who despise the First Nations would just pack up their bags and return to the lands their forefathers left, however long ago that was. Finally they would not have an “Indian Problem” to worry about. They would be happy about that and I for one would dance till dawn in celebration of their departure.

The wind has a different taste to it since the brave Chief began her fast. It is strong in a spiritual sense. I breathe it every day and I find myself getting more and more emotional each time I fill my lungs with it, such is its power. The great falls at Victoria Island and the grand river of the Algonquins bless the Chief and all her supporters who work and pray to keep her strong.

I wonder how it ever happened that in a rich country like Canada, the Indigenous Peoples were beaten down like a deranged man might beat a dog. The Residential Schools that our people called “The places where children go to die”, the broken and dishonoured treaties, the propaganda campaigns against us, why did they occur? How can any Canadian be proud of a country guilty of such inhumanity towards their fellow citizens? Why can’t they bring themselves to fix what Canadians of the past broke? Is it not their duty?

The vileness and dishonour of Canada’s past is being exposed to the world. But still the evil continues today. Never again will Canada fool anyone with their cries of “shame” as they point to other countries guilty of human rights violations. The world is watching. The grassroots will not back down. It will all end in one of two ways, with honour at last, or with further oppression of the First Nations at the hands of Canadians. If it is the former rather than the latter which wins the day, Canada will truly be the greatest country on planet earth. And all Canadians will be better off.

Keep the Circle Strong,
Albert “South Wind” Dumont.

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One Response to Chief Spence: A Peaceful Protest

  1. Marlene says:

    Albert, i too share many of your sentiments. I have tried to understand the complexity of all the issues finally being aired out on the clothes line. I have found solice in the elders who speak of peacful action and respect for the natural law of the universe. For my own understanding though, do you have any thoughts about the reasons that Chief Spence is still on her hunger strike?
    with respect, Marlene

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