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If a dark day arrived when we found love was no longer ‘real’, would we then have to accept that we no longer existed as human beings? The world of the human beings must be a loving one, if not, … Continue reading

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Raging? Not Me!

It shook me up a bit on the weekend to hear a woman I hardly know tell a group of people, “the North is where our friend Albert would stand because he is raging and angry.” I’m quite certain that … Continue reading

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Violence – Let Us Hate It Passionately

Maybe it’s a guy thing, but I have a very clear memory of the very first time blood left the veins of my body and ran outwardly upon it because of the violent actions inflicted on me by another human … Continue reading

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Chief Spence: A Peaceful Protest

Indeed, we are living in extraordinary times. The wonders in solidarity unfolding before us have created an energy in the First Nations that will stay with us until death. Our souls sing with joy. There is no turning back. The … Continue reading

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