The Chaudière Falls – a Truly Sacred Site

The prophecy, so I am told, speaks of a time yet to come, when human beings will find themselves at a crossroads. A choice will then need to be made. If the wrong path is chosen, destruction, mayhem and death en masse will occur for the Peoples of Turtle Island. Many good people worry that when the prophesied time arrives, the wrong choice will be made.

My dear friends, we the First Nations, were at the crossroads many moons ago. And with the turning of our backs away from our beautiful ancient spirituality, we doomed ourselves and our future generations to destruction, mayhem and death en masse as never before experienced by the Peoples of these rich and beautiful lands at any time since their creation.

Look at what has happened to us since we renounced our spirituality as “the devil’s work”. Diseases, warfare, residential schools, addictions, suicides, gangs, abuse of our women … the list seems never ending. Hundreds of years of suffering. But take heart, the ceremonies are being revived. A chance exists that the wrong choice made at the crossroads long ago, can today be reversed! God knows more and more of us are all for it!

What does this all have to do with the Chaudière Falls? Everything!!!

This is an illustration of Chaudière Falls before it was dammed in the 1800’s.

This is an illustration of Chaudière Falls before it was dammed in the 1800’s.

Too many times I have heard people say, “Victoria Island is sacred ground.” Goodness gracious, is there any “ground” on my ancestral land which is not “sacred”? The whole of Turtle Island IS sacred ground, every circular inch of it! Let us never say that anywhere of our earth is not sacred simply because it has structures atop it where creepy things are occurring (Parliament Hill as an example). Don’t deny the sacredness of the land because of what human dysfunction has done to it. In placing too much focus on Victoria Island, we neglected the Falls and now, our neglect of a truly sacred site is coming back to bite us.

Will we as a community find the power to stop the development of the land around the Falls? It is possible. The churches who were instrumental in driving the Algonquins from the Falls in the first place, need to come forward and demand that the City of Ottawa cease and desist with any and all plans being made now which would allow Windmill Developments to bring machinery to the Falls and thereby disturbing a glowing spirit awaiting our tobacco offerings in its churning waters.

At long last, we need to understand and appreciate the power of our spirituality. The circle is strong, the fasting ceremony and the purification lodge, these things need to be accessed. If we do, which force will win out? The power of corrupt and greedy politicians, or the strength of our prayers and ceremonies? If you have doubt, back off until you feel ready and are confident that prayers do indeed work.

Let’s get together at a place on the land and there through spirituality, we will see to it that the Falls will be freed and that they will once again assist us with bringing health and wellness into our lives as they did before the wrong choice was made at the crossroads many moons ago.

Keep the Circle Strong,
South Wind.

Along with prayer and ceremony, here are ways you can help:
– Sign the Petitions listed here
– You can read more about the rezoning in Greg Macdougall’s article in Richochet
– If you spoke or submitted to the 2 October City Council planning committee meeting on rezoning Chaudière: there is a meeting on Wednesday 22 October at 7pm at Kitchissipi United Church (630 Island Park Dr.) to discuss appealing the rezoning decision at the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board)

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