Who is Guilty of Terrorism?

Our voices communicating honour for all life, the sound of our singing drums, the sight of our people dancing, the power of our circles and our growing pride are apparently terrorizing Canadians. This according to a definition of the word “terrorist” as presented in the Sun newspaper and posts by Ezra Levant.

But when I look at our drummers and dancers I see no sign of suicide belts nor do I see anyone loading planes with cluster bombs destined to be dropped where children play. It is not complicated, to me a terrorist is someone who terrorizes others. Martin Luther King was seen as a terrorist by millions of Americans. How wrong they were. Today, Barrack Obama is the president of the USA. It never would have happened had King not been born.

Over 50,000 First Nations children died in Canada’s Residential Schools, dead from neglect as plagues overtook them, murdered by sex crazed perverts or driven to suicide by monsters who attacked their spirits. Many of the little ones, if not all of them, died in a state of terror, the hand of love too far away for the dying children to reach out to. Sir John A. MacDonald, the hero of Canada, wanted to “kill the Indian in the child” and if the child died during the transformation, who would care? Certainly not the Canadians living at that time. And the Canadians of today, they cannot even muster the strength to go there, so unspeakably ugly is this chapter in Canada’s history. Somehow however, many Canadians will still rally around Ezra Levant and join him in his condemnation of the First Peoples as terrorists. Such people are so out of touch with their spiritual beliefs that they are blinded to the harm they do to their souls when they stand at the side of a hate monger and cheer him on.

Our brave Aboriginal people went overseas to fight against oppression. They sacrificed their lives to save the Jews of Europe from the grips of those who were perpetrating acts of genocide against human beings. But were the First Peoples here at that time not also oppressed? Was the storm of genocide not also raging on this continent in all First Nations communities not all that long ago?

The First Peoples call their home Turtle Island. And the turtle they speak of to describe their home is a gentle one. A gentle turtle will rest on a rock surrounded by calm waters. It will sit on a long dead tree limb decaying in the water after a storm has removed it from a tree of the nearby shoreline. The gentle turtle teaches us to honour peace and tranquility. It teaches us that in life we must take time out from our chores to ponder what is sacred to us and that it is a natural thing for even the most passive among us, to be protective of what God has given us.

I do not know Ezra Levant. I am not aware of his spiritual beliefs. I know only that I have never harmed him. To him, because I am a supporter of Chief Spence and Idle No More, I am a terrorist. How he could insinuate such a thing is beyond my comprehension. I wish he would come to my table and feast with me on moose stew and wild berry pie. His opinion about the First Nations might change because of the encounter. If someone reading this has contact with Ezra Levant, then please let him know he is welcome in my home. The gentle turtle, which is Turtle Island, directs me to do this.

All my relations.
Keep the Circle Strong,
Albert “South Wind” Dumont.

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2 Responses to Who is Guilty of Terrorism?

  1. 50,000 Indigenous children died in the Residential School system and more still die due to the after-effects: hopelessness, addictions, depression. It is astonishing and overwhelming to watch the children and grandchildren of those who were victimized, standing up and becoming Warriors on a Peaceful Path. Brings me to tears!

  2. Tyler says:

    I spoke to you today but I wish the session was hours rather than 20 minutes because I am sure I could have talked to you that long. Thank you for giving me and others your time.

    Addressing this post, I cannot hear Ezra Levant speak for long without wanting to throw things at the TV screen. I am sure it is people like him who would have called Gandhi a terrorist in another era and truly, the parallels between that situation and this one are striking in a few ways.

    The hunger strike is an obvious parallel, though our harsh Canadian winters require that Chief Spence drinks fish brine for sustenance if she wishes not to freeze to death. She is doing this for the same reason, the prosperity and freedom of her people.

    The principle of peaceful non-compliance, though I am aware that the Idle No More organizers do not support blocking roads, was also a principle of Gandhi. While I feel that this is not an immoral action nor a violent one, I feel the situation is different here from how it was in India. There is merit to believing our government may not succumb to the will of natives without any incentive to bargain with, as I also believe this. However, that was an entire population of a country against an oppressing population they outnumbered. This government can afford to squash such action like an insect with full support from the 60% of Canadians misguided enough to belief the plight of the First Nations is brought upon themselves. To win the day, the First Nations must win the hearts of white Canada. Then the government will have to listen or they will have significant problems.

    I felt a strong connection to the idea of praying to ancestors today. People I know who were connected with the trees and grass. My Opi, grandfather in German, was such a man. Though a Christian, he was also very reverent of the forest. It was the very reason that he moved to Canada.

    I am told I am very much like Opi and he was a role model in my life. Quiet and gentle, his connection to nature was indubitably the most spiritual thing in his life. Since he has crossed over to the other side I have always felt that he was still with me. I think that I will begin calling upon him.

    I really want to find some connection to the native ancestors of mine who were in touch with nature and the spirits before the problems started from the Catholic conversions and interbreeding with settlers. I just do not know how.

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