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Motionless Waters: Poetry

I’m at my cabin again, oh yeah, and feeling quite pleased with myself at how my poetry writing went this morning. A draft of a poem, one of the city’s Aboriginal organizations requested I write, is laying face up on … Continue reading

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Cloud Healing

Years went by And the little girl’s love of clouds Grew stronger with each passing day “They are islands” she said “Carried by the winds They have seen the oceans And they have smelled the pines” (from one of my … Continue reading

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The Healing in ‘Sound’

When my drum sings The trees and birds hear it The ears of the four-legged Welcome the sound into themselves Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon Bless the day and the night When my drum sings There are sounds which I … Continue reading

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The Curse of Job Thieves

It is dawn at my camp and I have just returned from a short walk. The dew was hardly present on the grasses and the low laying plants of the forest trail, for it is an overcast sky above my … Continue reading

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Healing in the Rain

I watch the rain descend Scattered drops, plunging faithfully to their destiny Innocence with an explosive end North Wind must have let out a sigh The drops have transformed Scattered flakes, with no weight Dancing about in their whiteness No … Continue reading

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The Kitigan Zibi Pow Wow

Under a circle of sacred cedar First Peoples singers Humbly awaken the voice of the drum Harmonizing with the hearts of good people While the eagle’s prayer Descends on the rays of the sun A circle of happy dancers Gently … Continue reading

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Proudly do I report the success of the launch of Sakahàn (Igniting a Fire) art exhibition at the National Art Gallery on Thursday, May 16. My friends, artwork speaks. The voices emitting from the creations of our artists today are … Continue reading

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Assimilation? Never!

At a time of spiritual meditation I am sometimes drawn To point my face towards the sun My eyes tightly shut Still, through closed eyes I see all the colours Of a magnificent sunrise before me Like the fire within … Continue reading

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Mind Over Medicine: An Algonquin Elder’s Perspective

Can a “dead” arm come back to life because of the unshakable belief that it will, even when a specialist says the nerve damage is irreversible? What if chronic illness that pills and surgery cannot fix can be healed with … Continue reading

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Violence – Let Us Hate It Passionately

Maybe it’s a guy thing, but I have a very clear memory of the very first time blood left the veins of my body and ran outwardly upon it because of the violent actions inflicted on me by another human … Continue reading

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