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A Call for Action: Rally for Marlene Carter on 11 February

Marlene Carter, a First Nations woman (Cree, Onion Lake, SK) is still being held in seclusion at the Brockville Mental Health Centre Forensic Treatment Unit after being confined there in the autumn of last year. Why is Marlene in seclusion … Continue reading

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Healing Heartache

As weightless fluffy flakes of snow slowly tumble from the windless sky to form their own distinctive layer on the already snow-covered frozen earth, I find myself in deep meditation of the heart beating in my chest. I marvel at … Continue reading

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Where’s the Snow?

Where’s the snow? What effect would a snowless winter have on the plants, birds and animals of our territory? My beekeeper friend also farms garlic. The crop won’t do well if snow doesn’t come soon, he tells me. Garlic needs … Continue reading

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Zero Tolerance on Racism

An incident occurred recently which left me feeling sick at heart. I was at an event, there to offer words of encouragement and acknowledgement for people being honoured for their good work and as well to offer words of prayer, … Continue reading

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The Sweet Traits Of Our Teenage Girls

The Sweet Traits Of Our Teenage Girls dedicated to Maisy and Shannon (who disappeared in 2008) A pearl, a girl A wind that whirls Talk of love, of a dove Of God up above Teddy bears, country fairs Doing things … Continue reading

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Racism stinks; can’t you smell it?

The following is my opinion about the controversy that has erupted because Ian Campeau (of A Tribe Called Red) made a completely reasonable request that the Nepean Redskins change their racist name. I speak for no one else but myself. … Continue reading

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The Curse of Job Thieves

It is dawn at my camp and I have just returned from a short walk. The dew was hardly present on the grasses and the low laying plants of the forest trail, for it is an overcast sky above my … Continue reading

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Assimilation? Never!

At a time of spiritual meditation I am sometimes drawn To point my face towards the sun My eyes tightly shut Still, through closed eyes I see all the colours Of a magnificent sunrise before me Like the fire within … Continue reading

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My ancestors were natural poets. When it came to describing their special relationship with the land through words born in their hearts and carried to the light by spirit, they had no equals anywhere else on this planet. “The sap … Continue reading

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Humility – Curbing Violence Against Women

Humility – is it not the greatest of our grandfather teachings? It is impossible to claim to be surrounding oneself with the grandness of any of the other teachings without placing humility in the front, centre and back of all … Continue reading

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